February 4, 2022

UPDATED: Year-Long Calendar Cards

Although we're currently in the middle of our school year, I am already beginning to think and plan ahead for next year! Crazy, I know. But being that sort of personality (read: type A) I am always looking to make my following year a little more organized and be able to kick off the year on the right foot.

This year, with it being my very first in a new state, a new district, and a brand-stinking-new school I went with a pre-made calendar set purchased from Michael's. It's been a good little set but I missed using my own cards. So, when I took to go print them I realized I haven't updated them since 2020! And much has changed since then so naturally I took to giving them a little culturally responsible face-lift!

Let's take a look...

Updated fonts and clip art

Among the first things I did when updating this Year-Long Calendar Card set was to give it a fresher look. That meant newer fonts and fresh clip art. My favorite clip artist at the moment is Bunny on a Cloud! Just adore her stuff and I couldn't wait to use them in this resource!
I am currently using a pocket chart for my calendar, but this set can be used with that or just simply place a magnet dot on the back and call it a day. 

Includes years 2022-2030

I've updated the years to reflect 2022 (our current year) all the way to 2030! I have also included a shortened date card in case you want to introduce to your students how to write using __/___/___. 

Special Events/Holidays (NEW!)

The bread-and-butter of this set are these events/holidays cards! They're now updated to include most common school events and holidays as well as other fun things like "National Ice Cream Month" and "Pi Day" in March :)

I've included SO many new events/holidays in this set!

I find it to be so important to be inclusive in the classroom - especially with kinders who are just beginning to learn about the world around them. There is so much to expose students to that go beyond their own personal holidays or experiences. That's why the first of many months in this set I've included cards that say:
  • Hispanic Heritage Month (Sept)
  • National Bully Prevention Month (Oct)
  • American Indian & Alaska Native Heritage Month (Nov)
  • Black History Month (Feb)
  • Women's History Month (Mar)
  • Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage Month (May)
  • Pride Month (June)
  • National Ice Cream Month (July)
But, I do offer blank first day cards in case you have personal feelings towards any of these recognitions and have preferences to keep them blank.

So, if you're anything like me and you're interested in getting a leg-up on the school year ahead, these calendar cards are sure to be on your list! You can check out more over at TpT!