Teacher Appreciation SALE 2021

May 4, 2021


It's that time of year again where we can all do a little more to support our favorite teachers. Whether it be loving on your child's teacher in the coming week or helping out your teacher spouse, there's no greater way to show them you care than simply recognizing their hard work.

When Covid first hit this time last year, I remember my team and I had to scramble to somehow pull together weekly lesson plans that students could do from home...in a matter of mere days. It was one of the most stressful teaching experiences I've ever had, but much like any hard circumstance, I grew stronger from it. I continue to be so grateful to my amazing kindergarten team during that time and I couldn't be happier to see them back on campus and beginning to resume some sense of normalcy.

With that being said, teachers were hit hard during the pandemic and so much more was placed on their laps. For a brief moment the hard work and dedication of educators were put in the spotlight where, for once, we were collectively recognized for what we've been able to do and maintain while students were required to learn from home. But, somehow with the passing of time, that spotlight began to dim but we nonetheless continued to love on our students and families during a year that would look like no other.

Teachers Pay Teachers SALE

My shop will be participating in TpTs annual Teacher Appreciation Sale where my entire shop will be up to 20% off! It's a great time of year to stock up on the items that will help finish out your year on a high note - or even begin to prepare for next year. I love these sales because I'm able to get organized while saving a dime.

Let's see what's new and what's on sale this week!

Eureka Math - Kindergarten

Many of you have LOVED my interactive notebooks for second grade and I couldn't be happier to see them working in your classrooms! That's why I've set out to create an interactive notebook for the modules for kindergarten! I'm close to finishing Module 3, which will be uploaded soon(!), and you can already snag Modules 1 and 2

To also make things easier, I've uploaded a GROWING BUNDLE for these Modules. Save an instant 10% off with this bundle and as modules are released they'll be automatically added to the .zip! Simply go to "my purchases" on your TpT dashboard and re-download the file. It's that easy!

It's Springtime!

A Study of Snails - Life Cycles

One of my fondest memories (right before Covid sent us home) our team was launching our spring unit and instead of studying butterfly life cycles we studied snails! It was my very first time studying these little critters, but they fit perfectly into our garden and plants unit. I adapted much of what they learned into this simple student workbook that can easily be worked into any curriculum on life cycles.

Why not try something new this spring? You can read all about this unit here.

As I mentioned before, our unit on snails was right in the middle of our spring theme where our kinders learned all about weather then seeds and plants. During our seeds and plants unit we did a little study comparing similar stories with Jack and the Beanstalk. All of these units were a great way to keep kids engaged and learning meanwhile blending their knowledge from one subject to the next!

This bundle includes the 3 units we tackled, which are:

End of the Year Prep

It's never too early in my book to begin preparing for the end of the year. Hopefully many of you are heading back to the classroom and will be able to host your end of the year celebrations in person. In any case, student awards are a fun way to recognize students and their hard work - especially during this crazy year.

This resource has been updated to include a way to edit right in the PDF! Simply type your class names into the highlighted box and they're instantly plugged in! Also, choose from 50+ awards for your kids!

Social Studies

Ancient Civilizations Workbooks | China & Egypt

These two resources were first created when I taught second grade. We did a whole unit on ancient civilizations that took us from China to Egypt and even South America when learning about the Aztecs. I personally love teaching history and these packets were fun to bring together. You can read all about how I used them in my classroom here and here. The packets helped students begin to build upon their note taking skills and keeps their work all in one place. 

Covid-19 Resources

Many teachers and their students headed back to the classrooms this year - my previous school reopened in September but as a hybrid model. There was so many new routines and procedures that our kinders needed to learn and practice all year long, so I created this bundled resource to help. You can see more here or grab it for yourself during the sale!

There's so much more to see and explore at my TpT shop and I sincerely hope you find all the resources you can to make this an engaging end to what has been a crazy year! Happy shopping!