Exploring Eureka Math for Kindergarten | Module 1

May 10, 2021


Years ago when I set out to develop an interactive notebook for Eureka Math's curriculum I had no idea how much it would impact other classrooms! I'm so excited that I am not the only one out there who was looking for a more streamlined way to present the lesson material. It's a great curriculum, but oftentimes the activity pages are not developed by actual teachers - and if they are I'm sorry for that criticism! 

In math it's so important that students are presented with a skill, have an opportunity to work with it in an environment where the teacher is there to support, practice on their own, then move on to another activity that has them continue practicing that skill just in a different way. This is especially true in kindergarten where these kiddos only have so much of an attention span and ability to absorb new information in their budding brains.

That's why after the success of my second grade module interactive notebooks I've set out to adapt Eureka Math's modules for kindergarten and make them available to all of you!!

Interactive Notebook-Style Notes

Each module is designed to be either presented as individual pages or better yet...an interactive notebook. Using a composition book, students are able to track their learning in one place. This allows them to keep their work safe and have a place for all of their thinking during each lesson.

Aligned Curriculum

I've taken the meat from each Application Problem and Problem Set in module 1 to create each page for their notebooks. I've purposefully slimmed down the number of practice problems as it was my biggest complaint about the original lessons and curriculum as a whole. It's just too much! Each child can demonstrate their understanding with just a few practice problems - not 20.

Module 1: Number Sense to 10

In module 1 for kindergarten students are learning all about numbers to 10 and how to identify and use them to compute and solve problems. There are 36 lessons total in this module and each one builds upon the other to develop number sense. This module, and a child's ability to count quantities, will assist them in future modules throughout the school year.

Age Appropriate Lessons

There's so much fun in these lessons and I've done my best to create pages that not only align but are appropriate for this age group. I was also intentional about the fonts I used as well as the use of clip art as visuals!

I also included specific clip art for each Application Problem so students can identify what is asked of them. Sometimes they write or draw and others they listen, speak, share, and use manipulatives along with the teacher and class to revisit a math concept!


Of course, just like my 2nd grade modules, I am offering this resource as a GROWING BUNDLE! It's a way for you to snag all 6 modules in one download for 10% off just for bundling! You simply pay up front for the resource and as modules are released the file will be updated and you simply head to "My Purchases" on TpT and re-download the file! It's a great way to ensure a years worth of modules and it supports my efforts to create resources like these for all of you!