Eureka Math: Module 8 + a BUNDLE

March 30, 2021


The final module is here!!!

I have been working on adapting these modules for over 2 years (because, life happens) and I am beyond thrilled to finally be able to offer up the ENTIRE set of modules for second grade.

You see, the inspiration behind this resource stemmed from my time as an assistant teacher for second grade back in 2017. I had just returned from a time away from the classroom to raise my son who, at that time, was about 18 months old and ready to go to school. I didn't realize I was ready, too! So, I connected with a few friends of mine who worked at my previous school as assistants to see if there was an opening and it turned out my friend was looking to start her own business. I was able to take her place in second grade and that's when I was first introduced to Eureka Math.

Eureka Math in Second Grade

Eureka Math is a great curriculum and one that is easy to implement for teachers. It comes with easy-to-follow lessons and really does a good job at exposing students to a variety of ways to solve a problem. I found the scaffolding to be appropriate and I loved how each lesson and module built upon itself. 

My school had only just adopted Eureka Math, so we were all figuring it out as we went. In 2017 there wasn't a lot resources for the modules on TpT and I personally found the lessons to be lengthy and the practice problems cumbersome. My kids were required to go through 15 or so practice problems to demonstrate a single skill...So. Much. Time. Wasted.

So, I decided to take the curriculum and adapt it to smaller bite-sized pieces that is manageable for students and easy on teachers. The birth of the interactive notebook was born and now I'm so pleased to share with all of you the final module and introduce to you the BUNDLE for second grade!

Module 8

This module wraps up the year with lessons that explore three main concepts: 
  • geometry
  • fractions
  • and telling time. 
Each lesson is adapted from the Eureka Math curriculum and can easily be found, for free, online! The beauty of this resource is that my lessons are simplified and get students thinking and moving beyond just pencil and paper. I love using this resource as a means to introduce a skill, complete some guided practice, and move on to either math centers or some other activity. I never want my students glued to their desks with these problem sets!

The concept developments are the meat of the lesson. It's where teachers can really spend the necessary time either introducing or reviewing key math concepts and skills. The lessons provided by Eureka Math are wonderful and easy to follow. In my resource, it just takes that information and makes them visual. That way, as you are teaching your students are following along versus just listening.

And speaking of problem sets...this was where I had the most problems!

I don't know if you've noticed, but those problem set pages went on and on and on! My students would get so tired of them or roll their eyes when they saw them coming. This is not the attitude our kids should have when it comes to math (let alone school work in general) - so, I cut the problems down to the ones that fit with the objective the most.

Independent practice shouldn't take kids 20 problems to demonstrate they understand a concept. It takes engagement in a variety of ways.

I personally use the problem set as an exit ticket to go right into their math centers for the week.

The Bundle

I love bundles because they conveniently allow teachers to have multiple products in one download. And that's exactly what this bundle offers!

Now you can get all 8 resources included in one download with my Eureka Math BUNDLE for 2nd grade! Plus, save 10% off the listing automatically when you bundle. That's modules 1-8 - a year's worth of curricula - for 10% off.