June 2, 2019

How To Be Successful In School | End of the Year Prompts!

How to be Successful in ____ Grade!

https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/End-of-the-Year-How-To-Be-Successful-Writing-Lesson-3159956I am so excited about this writing prompt resource for the end of the year. After testing has finished and the school days begin winding down, I’ve found it so important to keep our little learners engaged and practicing the very skills we worked hard to teach them.

These prompts ask students to reflect and share their year in the form of a ‘How To’ piece of writing. They are writing for the students who are coming up in their grade the next school year and sharing their advice on what made them successful and how these new students can be too. The final product can be hung in the halls the following year to greet the new class or be made into a bound book for the classroom library. They can even be sent home with your kiddos!

Here’s what’s included!

Kinders Who Write!

When I taught Kindergarten my first year teaching writing, as well as reading, was a major objective. At times it really seemed like a challenging goal - to get these little people writing - but by the end of the year I was amazed at the level of work my little kinders were putting out!

The end of the year is no different than the first day. It’s important to keep our little ones writing and practicing those skills and even into the summer months. This download is differentiated for these little kindergarteners with simple, but easy to follow, prompts and guided lined paper both for brainstorming and publishing. I even made the introductory sentence traceable for these little guys using common sight words they would have learned throughout the year! Easy peasy!

Engaging Primary Writers

Our kiddos in first- sixth grade are given prompts that require a bit more detail to their answers. This is so that when they go to begin their first drafts they have some meat to include in their paragraphs. For example, they are asked various questions like reflecting on a meaningful memory from the year or their favorite topic that was studied. 

Each brainstorming page comes with boy and girl templates as well as the option for 2nd-6th grade to use guided lines or regular lines for their publishing paper. I like providing choices for my young writers and I’ve seen that many can determine for themselves when to use the guide lined paper or not.

I hope you all have fun with this activity and find that it helps keep your kids engaged and writing up until the last day of school! Be sure to also check out my other End of the Year resources here on the blog and over at my shop!