September 1, 2017

Parent & Teacher Conference Forms FREEBIE

Conferences are upon us and that means having to get organized with scheduling parents and sharing your student progress up until now. I love meeting with parents within the first few months of school because it allows me to touch base with them at least once (it’s not guaranteed both parents will be present for future conferences) and share what they’re children have been learning and will learn in the coming months. However, with that said, conferences can be an overwhelming time too considering most school districts are gearing up for end of the quarter, report cards, and fall break if you’re so lucky to have one.

Let’s take a peek at what you’ll get!

Quarterly At-A-Glance Forms

My first year teaching I found myself talking way to much about one particular subject and missing others. Or that dreaded “going over time” and feeling like my schedule was all out of whack! Not anymore! Since using these at-a-glance forms I’m able to slim down my talking points by using this tool, which is also helpful for parents to see everything. District benchmarks and various scores are included so that you can easily discuss where each student is at compared to where your district recommends they be. A strengths, weaknesses, and stamina box helps encourage parents to see what they should be keeping an eye out for when work comes home.

Easily keep records of each quarter’s conferences and allow parents to snap a picture with their smartphone for their own records (or just simply make copies for them). By having the quarter at-a-glance I no longer run into the issue of going over my time and it helps ease those initial jitters by having talking points right in front of me!

Two Templates Of Forms

For other kinds of conferences, such as for behavior, this download also includes a template just for keeping a written record of what was discussed at the meeting. This form can also be used to send home to the parent asking for a conference so they have time to put their thoughts/concerns down and send back to the teacher. That way when conference day happens, both sides are ready to talk and no one is blindsided or fueled by emotions.

I really like the spot just for suggested interventions because it allows the teacher and parent to brainstorm ways they BOTH can intervene so the concern or issue is resolved. A lot of times parents think it’s only the teacher’s responsibility to create interventions for in the classroom, however, interventions at home help a great deal too.

Don’t Forget Slips

We know parents are busy, especially if they have multiple children. It’s easy for conference dates to be forgotten. These helpful reminder slips are perfect to send home even a few weeks before their conference date so all parents are aware of their time and where to meet. I also recommend posting your conference times outside your classroom or online (if you have a class webpage) so that there’s no excuse for a missed meeting. Another helpful tip is to print these slips on bright colorful paper so that it stands out from the other paperwork coming home.

Thank You Slips

After any conference it’s always a nice touch to send a little thank you to the parents you met with. It’s to share the understanding that time is precious and for parents and teachers alike to set aside time in their busy schedules to meet is important.