January 31, 2017

Styling With Stitch Fix | January

Referral links are used within this post, but all opinions are 100% my own.
There’s no better day than when ones Stitch Fix arrives in the mail! I was so excited to receive my box and I couldn’t wait to see what my amazing stylist, Whitney, sent me this go around. I am going to preface this post with the fact that I returned everything. You read that right: everything. I didn’t receive anything that I felt as though I could keep, or even exchange for a different size, but that’s also the fun of subscribing to this service. I really do enjoy trying on the different styles my stylist sends me - even in the off chance I don’t purchase a thing. At the very least it lets my stylist know what doesn’t work for me and keeps me realistic about all those Pinterest fashions I pin to my style board. I learned this go around that although I love certain trends, my body type doesn’t lend itself to fit everything the way it’s projected through others’ fixes or pins.

Nonetheless, I appreciate Whitney trying to send me some pretty great clothes options and although I didn’t keep anything from this fix, I had fun trying them on. So, here is my January fix! Again, because nothing (other than the scarf) fit me well I opted to highlight each piece and how I would have styled it. I think it’s important to always highlight the piece regardless of whether or not I kept it. Style is so subjective and if you find a piece you like here today I hope you request it in your next fix! Which fashions do you like best?

Mystree Adelene Scoop Neck Cable Knit Sweater - RETURN

I really liked this sweater because of how lightweight it was and the cable knit feature along the front. The fabric was super soft and it’s a piece I really enjoyed. I decided to send it back only because the weather is beginning to warm up here in central California and I am no longer in need of sweaters. Perhaps I’ll request this next fall!

Threads 4 Thought Nessa V-Neck Knit Tee - RETURN

Unfortunately I wasn’t interested in basic t-shirts from Stitch Fix. I already own a few basic t-shirts and therefore I couldn’t justify the purchase. The color was a nice faded blue and the overall feel of the top was very comfortable and soft. My stylist sent it along to be paired with the joggers for a nice comfy outfit, but in the end I just didn’t need another t-shirt.

Hailey 23 Joel Popover Knit Dress - RETURN

This was the dress I had specifically asked for by name and I was so disappointed that this didn’t fit me right AT. ALL. It looks so cute on practically everyone else but at my current weight and curvyness it just didn’t look very flattering on me. I felt like it ran a touch too small, so my recommendation is to request this in a size larger. At the very least if it’s too big when you try it on, but you love it, you can always exchange it for a size smaller and know it’ll fit well.

I loved the Aztec design of the dress itself and the popover blouse effect is very flattering. I love this feature and hope I can find another dress or knit tops in the future.

21 Main Emilia Drawstring Jogger Pant - RETURN

I loved the color of these joggers and were exited to try them on. I love my CottonOn pair that I found on Black Friday, so I was curious to see how these would fit. Again, unfortunately these were too small. This was another piece I wanted to like considering I loved the color and the overall fit, but it was just too small. Perhaps I still need to lose a little bit of the lbs or it’s just not a fit for me at the moment. Nonetheless, if you’re slim and are looking for comfy joggers these are for you!

Octavia Mallory Stripe Infinity Scarf - RETURN

This was a hard item to return because I so badly wanted to buy it! I have a love for scarves and I absolutely love the colors and lightweight-ness of this particular scarf. I had to return it simply because the weather is beginning to shift to spring here in Ventura and I know that I wouldn’t have many opportunities to wear it. So, this will be another item I’ll have to specifically request next fall/winter!

So, what is so great about Stitch Fix?

Stitch Fix first began as a skeptical leap of style faith. I wasn’t quite sure that some stylist over the internet could really find 5 pieces that would not only fit me, but be looks I’d actually want to wear. For a $20 styling fee I received my first fix and was initially so impressed with how my stylist heard exactly what I was looking for and delivered on it. I still wear a number of those first purchases today (and that was over 2 years ago) and enjoy adding new and fun pieces along the way.

 I’ve journeyed with Stitch Fix through the ups and downs of my weight and even through my pregnancy with their maternity styles. Since it’s been a couple of months since my last fix, I was so excited to see that they offer shoes now in addition to a new mens line. This just proves to me that Stitch Fix has a finger on the latest trends, but also keeps the needs of their customers in mind. I can only imaging how they’ll grow and expand into the future!

What about those referral links?

Because I created a free style profile I now have the ability to share my love of Stitch Fix with others. A referral simply allows me to earn a credit of $25, which essentially covers my styling fee for the next time I schedule a fix. Once you create a style profile you are given a special referral link and begin earning your own credits. Why not get a credit for something you use anyways? I am so appreciative to those who use my link because it helps me as a SAHM enjoy the little things. So, thank you.

Which items in this fix are you loving the most? What styles do you gravitate towards?