Coming to Our Senses: 5 Senses Kinder Resource

October 7, 2014

Today I have a special updated version of my Super 5 Senses download! With fall in full swing, many classes are beginning to teach all about apples and pumpkins. Back when I was teaching kindergarten my class and I spent about a week or so discussing our 5 senses and how they help us make choices but also how they help us observe and describe things around us. Keeping in tune with all the apples and pumpkin's my 5 senses resource - now with new graphics and activities!

Let's take a peek at what's new!

Sensory Posters

Now introduce your class to the senses using this bright and easy-to-read posters for your classroom! Keep them posted year round or display them on your focus board :)

Matching Activities

This resource also includes a couple of different matching activities that practice cutting and gluing skills as well as fill-in-the-blank style writing practice!


These handouts have students practice their vocabulary by having them label and match the name of the sense to the correct body part. The other handout is a color, cut, and match worksheet. So many skills these cover! Labeling is always a fun skill and practice for my little guys! These worksheets come with word banks too :)

Seasonal Writing Prompts

Something new that's added to this download are seasonal writing prompts that students can use to practice their handwriting and writing skills. Take the class outdoors on a  nature walk or have them creatively write in the classroom!

Science Observations!

Last, but not least, is our science observations using our 5 senses! This, again, is a favorite part of studying the senses and apples (or pumpkins!) for my little kiddos. Use this activity by setting up observation stations or spend a part of your day outside making observations as a whole group! The best part is using the data collected by students to compare apples to pumpkins and see how using our senses helped us understand more about them!

I've always loved teaching the senses because there are unlimited ways to approach the material! Plus it's always fun to get the kids engaged with different hands-on activities. Include these pages as a collective workbook or print individually to fit the scope of your lesson plans!

Happy sensing, everyone!