February 27, 2014

Fraction Action: Gumball Fractions!

Hooray for Fractions!

OMG have we been b-u-s-y with fractions this week and I am happy that I actually have some time to share it with everyone! Today we continued with our review and I love the time we have to take a little bit of a break and do some fun activities where the kiddos get to demonstrate what they know versus completing just some handout. So, today we got started on our gumball fraction machines!

Students were given the template and I had the kids decorate their own machines (I technically was going to print the template on red construction paper but I ran out of time and couldn't get to it...so I just made them design it- which came out pretty cool).

Then, they were to pick four colors of their choosing and begin drawing in their gumballs. As you can see some students drew MAAANY gumballs and some drew only a few (I told them to draw at least 10). Luckily those who drew almost 100 found a way to keep track of them but next time I may just give them the amount.

But, with that said, I was really able to see how much they knew. The objective was to review locating fractions within a set and being able to write fractions correctly using numerators and denominators. I'm happy to say that my kiddos did great with this activity and I'm happy to share their work!

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February 26, 2014

More Fraction Action!

Fraction Sundaes!

This week we have been doing so much thinking with fractions and I am always happy to get away from worksheets for a while! Today we reviewed a bit with identifying equal parts and we are now just beginning to identify parts within a set. What better way to do that than these fun Fraction Sundaes!? I also have to point out that my kids get quite creative with their ice cream flavors!

First students are given a piece of construction paper, a bowl template, and the scoops template. The copy I gave them have about 9 scoops/page so I printed off two per kid so they had the choice of doing as many scoops as they pleased. I did tell them that they HAD to at least have 4 different ice cream flavors and it was interesting to see what the little guys came up with...

Some students chose many scoops and one of my lower students was able to show me that he understood parts of a whole by having only 1 scoop per flavor but correctly writing the fraction! I love how this activity lends itself to differentiation all on its own.

Next, the class will be extending their understanding by using marshmallows! This has always been one of my favorite lessons to reinforce fractions because it gets the kids moving around and engaged with figuring out the different numerators and denominators. Highly recommend this activity!

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