Hi there and welcome to my 'frequently asked questions' page. Here, I will post any answers to questions that I get along the way as well as credits to websites in which I use to create any classroom products.

I am always inspired by the ideas from many other teachers around the blogosphere! So, it's really important for me to give credit where the credit is due (it's just plain nice!). All of the products that I create are made by using the cute and creative designs from various artists around the web. These are the basic credits for the artists who have created wonderful clip art, borders and frames, fonts, and backgrounds. Please be sure to visit their websites if you haven't already!


1. Where do you get your fonts from?

I've downloaded a bunch of fonts from Kevin & Amanda as well as MTF Fonts. I have also just discovered Over the Big Moon where they have a bunch of fun fonts. Another great font collection I always use is Kimberly Geswein Fonts.

2. Where is your clip art from?

I'm always looking around for different pieces of clip art that relate to what I'm teaching. So, many of my products are made with art from Scrappin' Doodles, JW Illustrations, and KPM Doodles. Melonheadz is another favorite of mine.

3. I love the borders you use. Where did you find your borders and frames?

The borders and frames are super cute and add a little sparkle to any product. I currently use various borders and frames from KPM Doodles, JW Illustrations, and Creative Clips.

4. Where did you find your background templates?

Again, I found my backgrounds on various sites such as KPM Doodles, JW Illustrations, and Erin Bradley Designs.

5. What program do you use to make your products?

Well, when I first started creating my own products for the classroom I used Microsoft Word. This was helpful but became frustrating when trying to layer different pieces. I personally use a Mac and had previously used PowerPoint to make all of my products. Just recently I updated my laptop and now I use Keynote because they allow for clickable links in saved PDFs. However, PowerPoint has more specific editing tools than Keynote. The choice is yours! Just be sure to save all products as photos so you flatten the clip art you use then save as a PDF!

Editing My Downloads:

This is one of my most asked questions on TpT and rightfully so! I have many products that are fabulous as is, but most teachers want to edit it so it fits the scope of their classrooms. Since I don’t have my products saved in the typical Adobe or Photoshop format where editing is easy peasy (it’s just so expensive!), instead I make sure to create blank slides for your editing pleasure. 

One way to add new text, or otherwise edit my products, is:
  1. Open the file in either PowerPoint or Keynote
  2. Place a new text box with a white (or any color you choose) filled background over the text or blank slide where you would like to add your own text.
  3. Save as new PDF and you’re done!
  4. If this is too difficult or you’re having difficulty feel free to contact me at kellyjdaniel1@gmail.com and I will respond as soon as I can.

General Blogging Tips:

1. I recommend that if you want serious followers to your blog invest in its look. You don't need anything too fancy (that's up to you!) but you want something that's appealing to the eye. There are many different blog designers out there so just find a look that fits your style.

2. Pick a fun name- but double check to make sure that it isn't already taken or a name that closely resembles another blog. You want to stand out! Also, think about names for your blog that transcend grade levels- you never know what grade level you'll teach from year to year.

3. It's worth it to invest in Teachers Pay Teachers or Teachers Notebook. These hosting sites are wonderful for earning a profit for your products. It's the go-to for all teacher bloggers and it's great even for your free items. If you're the more serious blogger, make sure to set up a Facebook page and link it to your blog. That way your followers are up to date on your posts. Another great site is Bloglovin since Google changed their blog following feature.

4. Have fun with it! Blogging about your experiences as a teacher is probably the whole point of you thinking about or beginning a blog so keep it fun. These days people can make a living off of their blogs and TpT but don't necessarily let it control your life. Post and share about your life too! You'll find that the friendships you make come from the glimpses into your real life :)

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