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It’s that time of year to save so much on any Back to School purchases from your favorite shops on Teachers Pay Teachers! This year you can my shop participating in this awesome 2-day sale where you can save up to a whopping 25% on everything by using the code BTS2017!

Here are my most popular products! 

Back to School Parent Packet!

 I have updated this download to include forms that are not only perfect for second grade, but are all geared towards any grade level! Having changed grade levels a bit it occurred to me that this resource should be beneficial no mater what grade I may teach, so with that experience I made sure to include a little something for everyone.

I tend to give out quite a bit of information at Back To School Night because I am able to be right there to explain to the parents exactly the important info I need for my class as well as those important documents the school gives us to hand out. 

This updated packet has welcome letters, student information forms, permission slips for various activities, and extensive parent volunteer forms. I have also included optional parent surveys so I can get the skinny on the little details about my new kiddos that way on the first day of school I have an idea about each one of my little people. Then, I also have included a student survey that I love giving as morning work on the first day of school for the kids to fill out about themselves. 

Parents can give us teachers good insight into their child, but anytime I can get feedback from the students themselves it has proven to be well worth it! Plus my kids love to share about themselves so it’s a win, win!

Think Sheets | Behavior/Classroom Management

These Think Sheets have been a huge life saver for me both in managing student behavior and my time when communicating behavior to parents. This bundle includes various versions of the Think Sheet differentiated for K-6th grade. You can also find the Think Sheet as a single file, in the Behavior Management Bundle, or this K-6 bundle. So many options!

I get so many compliments from teachers who use this sheet in their classrooms and say how much of a time saver it is and really helps keep their students accountable for their behavior. I have had extreme success using these and I hope that you can also use this easy tool!

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Work on Writing Center Prompts

I had so much fun creating and using these prompts for my writing centers during my Daily 5 reading routine. Simple, yet fun and engaging, these prompts are easy to prepare and your kiddos are sure to enjoy them! 

When I added these prompts to my writing center each week, it was exciting to see my kids so eager to write and share their work! I would rotate the prompts so that the kids don’t have the same options each week and each rotation.

But you can easily prep and use these prompts in any way that fits the needs of your classroom! Use them for early finishers or as extra practice. Each prompt is designed to get your kids engaged and ready to write!

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Pledge of Allegiance Mini-Lesson

Being a history-nerd myself, I have always loved this activity at the beginning of the year with my kids. It’s funny how often they recite the words to the Pledge of Allegiance and yet have very little understanding of the purpose of why we sing it, but also the meaning behind the words. 

This activity helps break down the vocabulary and give meaning to reciting the Pledge every morning. It’s also perfect activity to begin those citizenship standards at the beginning of the year!

Just simply prep the workbooks and use as a group or independent practice. Teach to each line of the Pledge and have your students follow along in their workbooks. Each page is made up of a phrase from the Pledge and a little activity to help connect the meaning with the vocabulary - as well as an extra way to practice their handwriting!

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Guided Reading Prep

Guided Reading is such a huge part of our schedule AND stressed so much in every school district. Everyone, from administrations to the parents, want each student to be well prepared and gain new skills that will help them better comprehend the stories that they read. 

With this, a teacher needs to be well prepped and one way that I personally do that at the beginning of each year is print and organize these reading resources and place them into my reading binder.

Because this helped me so much year after year, why not share it with all of you?! My Guided Reading: Made Simple resource is targeted to provide you with tools for your binder as well as communications to your student’s parents. The more your parents know about how they can foster reading at home, the more practice your kiddos have all year long.

You can read more about what’s included in this download and I use it in my classroom in my post here.

And read about Launching Guided Reading on the blog as well!

My hope is that you find plenty of resources you can use in your classroom this year and take advantage of this awesome sale both on August 1st and 2nd! I can’t believe how much us teachers can save just on these two days have fun shopping and happy Back to School!

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