Year in Review: Puzzle Breakers | FREEBIE!

As the year winds down in May or June, it’s especially important to keep our students engaged and one way to do this is with puzzles! This fun activity has kids become puzzle breakers to decode the question using the numerical key. Each number relates to a specific letter and once completed a question asking students to reflect on their year is revealed! This makes for a fun morning work activity (there’s 5 puzzles included!) or handouts that can be completed after students finish early. 

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How do you like to keep your kiddos engaged up until the last day of school?

How To Be Successful In School | End of the Year Prompts!

How to be Successful in ____ Grade!

I am so excited about this writing prompt resource for the end of the year. After testing has finished and the school days begin winding down, I’ve found it so important to keep our little learners engaged and practicing the very skills we worked hard to teach them.

These prompts ask students to reflect and share their year in the form of a ‘How To’ piece of writing. They are writing for the students who are coming up in their grade the next school year and sharing their advice on what made them successful and how these new students can be too. The final product can be hung in the halls the following year to greet the new class or be made into a bound book for the classroom library. They can even be sent home with your kiddos!

Here’s what’s included!

 Kinders Who Write!

When I taught Kindergarten my first year teaching writing, as well as reading, was a major objective. At times it really seemed like a challenging goal - to get these little people writing - but by the end of the year I was amazed at the level of work my little kinders were putting out!

The end of the year is no different than the first day. It’s important to keep our little ones writing and practicing those skills and even into the summer months. This download is differentiated for these little kindergarteners with simple, but easy to follow, prompts and guided lined paper both for brainstorming and publishing. I even made the introductory sentence traceable for these little guys using common sight words they would have learned throughout the year! Easy peasy!

Engaging Primary Writers

Our kiddos in first- sixth grade are given prompts that require a bit more detail to their answers. This is so that when they go to begin their first drafts they have some meat to include in their paragraphs. For example, they are asked various questions like reflecting on a meaningful memory from the year or their favorite topic that was studied. 

Each brainstorming page comes with boy and girl templates as well as the option for 2nd-6th grade to use guided lines or regular lines for their publishing paper. I like providing choices for my young writers and I’ve seen that many can determine for themselves when to use the guide lined paper or not.

I hope you all have fun with this activity and find that it helps keep your kids engaged and writing up until the last day of school! Be sure to also check out my other End of the Year resources here on the blog and over at my shop!

End of the Year Awards | 2017

It’s already May, which means this is when many teachers are beginning to plan and prep their end of the year festivities - including their student awards. The end of the year is an exciting time, for both teachers and students alike. It’s a time where the school year starts to wind down, testing is either close to finishing or just getting started, and students begin their month of review material. In the middle of all of this are the coveted student awards.

Every school does something a little different, but for my old school we always had our grade level awards held inside our classrooms and invited our student’s families to be a part of this special day. Although prepping these awards (and the subsequent class party afterwards) can be tiresome, it’s nonetheless exciting to recognize each of my kiddos and the hard work they’ve put into the school year. It’s also a great time to gather parents and have them acknowledge their child’s hard work as well.

You’re Invited!

For any party one needs good invitations! This download comes complete with editable invitation templates that are easily copied and sent off with your students in advance. It’s a simple invite that outlines the ceremony date, time, and location. You can also hand sign it yourself before copying! This allows parents to easily tack onto their fridges and keep an easy reminder at home or to share with family members.

Close to every award under the sun!

There are a lot of reasons for a child to be recognized on awards day - and it goes beyond just ‘class clown’ or ‘best dressed.’ I’m sure those are acceptable things to acknowledge, Lord knows we have those students in our classrooms, but I think it’s really important for our kiddos to know they have contributed to the class and themselves in meaningful ways - not just because they’re funny.

In my awards resource you will find a variety of superlatives that can relate to your students. From the ‘Lover of Learning’ to that child with an ‘Inquisitive Mind,’ you’ll be able to easily find the right award for each little learner.

Also, most of the awards are complete with a boy and girl template! I wanted to make sure that each award is customized for the needs of most classrooms. However, you may use these printables in any way you want - boy, girl, or both!

These awards also come in a .zip format which includes a PDF for those wanting to just print and write in their own names - or if you’d like to edit them, to include your own fonts by using a text box over the PowerPoint version. 

Either way, these awards are virtually the easiest thing for you to prep!

 Preparation hasn’t been easier!

We all know that with the end of the year comes a lot of busy work to keep our kids’ minds engaged all the way up to the last day. This also means teachers are looking for resources that take minimal effort in preparing - I mean, we’re just as ready for the summer as our students!

So this resource couldn’t be more easily prepped! 

That’s it!

With the prep work out of the way for your class awards you can spend your cherished time on other more important things! So hopefully this resource will make your days easier!

Teacher Appreciation Sale 2017

It’s that time of year where all teachers should be appreciated for their hard work and dedication (although it shouldn’t take one week out of the year to recognize them) to these little humans in their care. That also means it’s time for Teachers Pay Teachers to recognize this special week and for the next two days my shop, along with all of the other fabulously talent teacher-authors, will be on sale! You can get my entire store up to 28% off May 9th-10th only! What an awesome deal!

Here are a few of my favorite products that are on sale!

Prepping reading centers are easy peasy with this Daily 5 resource! 

Guided Reading Made Easy - Part 1 & 2
One of my most popular reading downloads are these guided reading packs! They provide teachers with easy to use templates and printables for organizing and keeping track of your lessons and student progress. Much of this is adapted from Jan Richardson’s text and can be used regardless of your reading curriculum or state standards.

Matter is always a fun unit with this complete resource - a workbook for the kids that take them step-by-step and incorporates discovery. This download also uses information from videos such as Brain Pop and Scholastic’s Study Jams, which I’ve always used to introduce new topics. 

Another hit in my classroom has always been when I get the chance to bring candy into a lesson. This bundle gives you all kinds of fun ways to use candy and treats to teach or reinforce the skills related to fractions!

At the beginning of each year, and amongst the first math units to be taught, we start with counting in doubles and this resource blends the story Two of Everything with counting skills!

THE most popular products ever uploaded into my shop are my Think Sheets! Such a simple concept, yet the most helpful in getting conversation going from in the classroom and taking accountability at home. These little sheets have helped my students recognize their behavior and explain what they need to do, or be mindful of, next time meanwhile giving them the tools to discuss the incident with their parents at home.

I can’t believe the new school year will be upon us in a matter of months and why not begin thinking about all the paperwork and organizational tools to help you? One of the easiest things to prep for back to school is this complete parent pack! This download has everything you’ll need in getting information from your parents about your new kiddos as well as important information you want to convey to them!

Every year I always need a good set of schedule cards and this download includes practically every subject cards you’ll need! See them all over at my shop!

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