February 10, 2017

Five For Friday {Feb 10th}

Linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching today for her Five For Friday linkup and this week has proven to be quite the whirlwind - yes, even for this SAH(teacher)M. I’ve been busy creating some pretty exciting resources, enjoying family time, and gearing up for our big trip back to D.C. in a couple of weeks. 

Here’s what’s filled our week!

ONE | Greyson turns 11 months old!

This sweet boy mine turns 11 months old today and over at my lifestyle blog I’m sharing what has made this past month one of the most exciting yet! He’s just beginning to walk on his own and absolutely loves his Pout Pout Fish book (can you sense reading is huge here at home, haha).

TWO | Greyson also begins at My Gym!

Since Grey is up and moving around more than ever these days, my husband and I decided to enroll him at our local My Gym! It’s a pretty fantastic place where once a week he gathers with babies his age to participate in fun activities, learn gross/fine motor skills, and socialization. With him being an only child (and most likely will only be an only child) it’s up to us as parents to provide Greyson with plenty of opportunities to interact with other children. We loved our first class and can’t wait to continue taking him every weekend!

THREE | All About Math!

This is the newest product I put into my Teachers Pay Teachers shop and I’m so happy with the update! I first created an ordinal number resource a couple of years ago but knew that I needed more than just posters for my room. So, I decided to spruce it up and make some necessary changes to make it more useful not only in my classroom but other classrooms as well.

I knew I wanted to incorporate more hands-on learning whether it be for independent practice or skill review. These handouts use those unifix cubes, wooden shapes blocks, and those fun Do-A-Dot paints!

FOUR | My Teacher Is Missing! ELA Substitute Plans

Miss Nelson Is Missing is always a fun story to read and incorporate into sub plans whenever I find myself out for the day. However, the actual act of pulling sub plans together...I’m going to say it...SUCKS. So, to make this necessary task easy for the next time I’ve put together an easy ELA lesson plan that covers all the important Common Core reading standards.

FIVE | A Unit On Famous Americans

I love teaching our Famous Americans unit because I can always see my kiddos minds growing as they learn about the people of the past, their struggles during their lifetime, and how they’ve impacted our country (and world!). Every year I’ve always wanted something that made my lessons more engaging and kept my student’s desks clear of unnecessary handouts or notes. Thus I created this fun flip-book style of notes for each American we covered.

Oh and just for fun...does anyone else other than me (and secretly my husband) watch The Bachelor? Last week’s episode had me like, whaaaat? And even though Corinne is ridiculous and not at all wife material at this point in her life, she does make for entertaining TV. However, Nick is starting to get pretty annoying with how unsure he is about any of the girls - I mean, who sends a girl home who just said she was beginning to fall in love with him?! I’m starting to understand why being on this show never worked out for him!

What are your thoughts about this season so far??

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