The First Week: A Behavior Management Unit

A lot of teacher friends are celebrating their first days back into the classroom and yet another school year has begun! Even though I’m sitting this year out due to staying home to raise our son, I do remember the work that went into those first few precious weeks when establishing those classroom routines and rules that are so influential to a great year. It takes class discussion, thoughtful conversations, and practice, practice, practice to get students in the new groove of cohabitation with one another.

To make this transition into the school year much easier I’ve decided to bundle together all the plans I’ve taught into one comprehensive download! Take the work out of planning that first week with these fun read-alouds and engaging activities! Let’s take a peek or see more about this download here...

Full Lesson Plans
Each day of the week is dedicated to learning about a new ‘rule’ or expectation, which is set by the teacher but agreed upon by the class. I have included complete lesson plans and accompanying activities that help drive the discussion about the four big rules you’ll find in any classroom. 

Make Good Choices
Be Respectful To Others
Always Try Your Best
Stay Organized

I believe that when we can narrow down the ideas about how to behave and treat others it will stick easier with the kids throughout the year. These activities get students learning about each other all the while reflecting on specific ways they can achieve all four of these expectations. For instance, The Book Of Bad Ideas is a wonderful way to kickstart the year as it represents cause and effect. Students can begin to think about what it means to make the good choices as well as the bad ones too and that they both have consequences. 

This Behavior Management bundle includes the first week lesson plans, engaging activities, and printables!

Classroom Posters
These posters reflect the four main rules outlined in this unit. They can either be printed in full color or be used as coloring pages for the students. Simply print them poster size (if your school has a poster printer) and display them in your room throughout the year. Another great way to use these are to include the blacklines in the student booklet as a coloring page after each day’s discussion and activity.

Get these unit posters both in full color or blacklines!

A Commitment
This unit includes student booklets for which they’ll complete each day after each lesson. Students are to think of one (or more) ways they can best represent each of the four expectations with a picture an description of them doing that action. I love this section because each student may have a different idea on how to make good choices, be respectful, try their best, and stay organized. I’m always so amazed at the ideas they all come up with!

At the end of the unit each student will complete a classroom contract where they sign their name, promising to uphold these expectations and set the best example for themselves, their school, and community. Those can be printed on fun colored paper or have students color their own certificate!
This classroom student booklet allows your students to engage with the materials by thinking of individual ways to best represent each expectation!

Pick up your copy here...

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