The Think Sheet: The BEST Behavior Management Tool

We all know that establishing a great behavior management plan early on just makes the rest of the year go so smoothly. Your kiddos know exactly what’s expected of them, but when a mistake is made they have the means to deal with it and know that they can always recover from their actions and that tomorrow always brings a new day. At the beginning of the school year I spend a few weeks, yes WEEKS, establishing classroom routines and expectations for behavior. However, we all have off days or things going on at home that affect us and our kids are no different.

On those off days it’s important for teachers to have a way to communicate with their students about their behavior, what caused it, and ways to improve or know how to handle those moments in the future. These Think Sheets were exactly what I needed that not only helped a child understand their actions, but helped them talk it out with me and with their parents at home.

These think sheets also provide a paper trail for any teacher who may want to use them as evidence for a behavior plan for a particularly troubled child or simply to use during parent conferences. Your admin may call upon you to provide evidence for IEP or other meetings and these help connect the dots between poor behavior and other circumstances going on.

Also, I love that these think sheets allow students to take responsibility for their actions, regardless of their intentions. They are given the opportunity to think through what happened, explain why they did what they did, but then be able to communicate the issue with an adult, which to me is the most important piece. Long gone are the days when an adult asks a child ‘what happened’ and their response is ‘I don’t know’ or ‘I don’t remember.' Having a parent sign communicates to the teacher that the think sheet was discussed at home and therefore everyone is on the same page.

I’ve gotten so many compliments from parents about my use of these think sheets as they’ve found them really helpful at home!

Best of all, these think sheets come in a single page download or bundled versions which are differentiated for K-6th grades.

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  1. i disapprove for the sake of the children. They hate these

    1. And it's within your right to believe so. I hope other behavior management tools work just as easily as this one has done for me and my class.


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