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Get back to school ready and tackle organizing your classroom library with these {NEWLY UPDATED} library labels! Check out the blog to see what’s been added!

I am super excited to share these labels with you because it’s been years, I mean years, since I’ve given these guys a fresh look. It’s always kind of fun (and scary) to look back on my earliest products and realize all the things I was doing wrong and how simple everything was. If anything, it shows how much I’ve learned within these last few years on upping the quality and range of my products. I used to only think about my own needs then just upload them to TpT and it was only just last year did I realize the key to becoming a serious TpT Seller and that’s ensuring your products can be used for any grade! 

Which brings us back to these classroom library cards! After looking over what I originally had, I realized that they were a touch outdated and didn’t expand into the many different genres and topics children’s books can be organized into. However, I’m all about simple and not getting into the weeds too much with organizing my library. 

What’s new?
This download now has many new genre and topic labels as well as new authors such as Eric Carle and Shel Silverstein. Another huge improvement to this product is the inclusion of F&P, Lexile, DRA, and AR leveled labels! So, now you can level your class books by level vs the popular genres or themes.

What’s Included?
- Autobiography
- Biography
- Holidays
- Realistic Fiction
- Science Fiction
- Historical Fiction
- Non-Fiction
- Mystery
- Fairy Tales
- Poetry
- Weather
- Animals
- Folk Tales
- Sports
- Math
- School
- Fables

Now includes:
- Social Studies
- Famous Americans
- Native Americans
- Cultural Books
- Science
- Seasons
- Star Student Books
- Class Books
- Environmental Print
- Money
- Shapes
- Colors
- Counting
- First Day of School
- Numbers
- Names
- Sight Words
- Health
- Food & Nutrition
- Manners
- Life Cycles
- Feelings

- Newspaper Bin (for magazines such as Time For Kids, etc.)
- Book Hospital (for broken books in need of repairs)

- Roald Dahl
- Beverly Cleary
- Dr. Seuss
- Judy Blume
- Jan Brett
- Patricia Polacco
- David Shannon
- Cynthia Rylant
- Eric Carle {NEW}
- Shel Silverstein {NEW}

- A-Z Mysteries
- Magic Tree House

**original labels for series such as Goosebumps, Junie B. Jones, etc. were removed for copyright purposes and I don’t have similar clip art. Working on getting those permissions! Sorry for any inconvenience. 

So, this school year don’t forget this helpful tool for your classroom and be sure to get your library organized quickly with these classroom library labels!

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