May Currently

It’s already May and this means we are all in the mad dash to the end of the year. Just. Keep. Swimming. In preschool it’s a busy week with a Cinco de Mayo celebration, a Mother’s Day party, AND a Grandparent’s/Special Friend Day! Lots to do and of course I am writing this from home....but more of that in a minute...

Today I am linking up with Farley over at Oh’ Boy 4th Grade for her monthly Currently!

LISTENING: I am currently listening to our maintenance guy fixing the flooding that seems to be occurring in our apartment lately. We had this same issue happen last week and were hoping it was fixed. So this means I have to take the day off to oversee these shenanigans.

LOVING: Lately I have been very aware of the lessons God has been teaching me and even though they are challenges, I know that through Him I am able to get past them! Trying to keep that positive attitude!

THINKING: For the past couple months the hubs and I have been on the path to starting a family. Unfortunately we suffered a miscarriage at the 5 week mark at the end of March (see post here) but we are excited to keep trying and are optimistic for a future Baby Daniel!

WANTING: There’s a few things I’m wanting but nothing more than a nice iced coffee. Especially after the morning I’ve had. 

NEEDING: I have been putting so much effort and thought into getting my lifestyle blog, Primarily Inspired, up and running that I’ve allowed this one to be pushed to the side. So, with that being said, I am needing to spend more time and give SISG a little more TLC.

SUMMER YES, HOPE, DREAM: This summer should be an exciting one since we are in the midst of planning our trip to Hawaii. We decided sometime ago that we need to make a conscious effort to travel, especially before babies, so we created a jar and put all of the destinations inside. Luckily we chose Hawaii first and I’m happy to say that we’ve saved up to go! 

The other exciting things happening this summer is a trip with friends over to Vegas for a weekend AND I am looking at getting my Early Childhood Education credits and take that first step towards being a certified preschool teacher!


  1. Cute idea about the travel jar! Praying for you right now as you plan your family. I know only from friends how much of a roller coaster ride that can be. It may be scary while you're on the ride, but when it's over you'll never regret it. :)


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