Fourteen in ’14 Linky Party

I love year-in-reviews and reflections about the past year. It’s a wonderful opportunity for one to take time and think about everything, from the good to the bad, and begin to plan and prepare for the year to come. I simply cannot believe what 2014 had in store for me but it was such a fun ride...

Here’s my top fourteen moments of 2014...

1. Getting to spend time with these goobers...
After my sister passed a few months prior, it was extremely important for us to spend time with my niece and nephew. I loved getting to see them for the weekends!

2. Completing a half marathon together!
One of the biggest accomplishments from 2014 was getting to run a half marathon with Philip. It was his first one and there’s something to be said in sharing this together. Also, I was getting in shape for our wedding and I’m looking back and wishing I could get back to that size! ;)

3. My elephant tattoo
Picture taken a few hours after finishing.
Elephants have always been my spirit animal, if you will. I’ve had a deep connection with them since I was little and I had been dreaming of this tattoo for ages. I was so excited to finally be able to get it done and it turned out amazing! Check out Cirque du Rouge if you’re in the DC area and want a piece done. Highly recommend my artist Liaa Walter!

4. Getting married!

Getting married to Philip was such an amazing and magical time. We chose to get married at The Wynn in Las Vegas and I was so happy that our friends and family could make it out to celebrate! We continue to hear compliments from friends!

5. Our honeymoon

We decided to return to Turks & Caicos for our honeymoon. It was such a relaxing time!

6. Meeting Murphy for the first time


This little guy has become our everything and I couldn’t imagine our lives without him. He’s grown to be such a cuddle-bug and playful little guy. I mean, really...look at that face!

7. California
After the school year finished and we both left our jobs, we were on the hunt to start over professionally. After I received a job offer from another county to teach he received an offer as well...but this time it was in California. After some discussion it was decided that we’d pack up and head west...

8. On the road

9. We made it!
Us visiting the Santa Barbara pier and Murphy’s first time to the beach!
The view from outside our place.
10. Celebrating weddings with our closest friends

These people are my life and I love that we got to see them every few months due to weddings! It was great getting to travel back to DC and then to Vail, CO to celebrate the love of our friends.


11. Discovering ti-tip sandwiches
Ok, if you haven’t had a tri-tip sandwich you are truly missing out. There’s something to be said for this sandwich only made with bread and meat. If you’re ever passing through (literally) on your way to Santa Barbara you HAVE to stop at Cold Spring Tavern on your way. It will make your life...especially with the salsa and horseradish sauce....*mouth waters*

12. Launching my lifestyle blog, Primarily Inspired!
Primarily Inspired is the second brain child I’ve had and I love that I have a new space to share out all of my non-teaching related posts related to my loves of: food, style, and overall life. Just like with my teaching blog, it’s been fun to see it slowly grow over time and getting to meet other women via my blogs have been so rewarding!

13. Matching tattoo Christmas gift!
Philip and I both wanted matching tattoos ever since we got married and we brainstormed many ideas. Finally he found this Picasso drawing of his dachshund and we both thought it was perfect for us. Since we aren’t doing Christmas gifts for each other this year we treated ourselves to our matching tattoo.

14. Finding work at a wonderful school!
The road was a bit bumpy in terms of trying to find a teaching position in September as all schools were already staffed. Not to mention a paperwork hangup from VA and the hoops to jump through when trying to transfer your teaching license. However, good things come to those who wait and pray. I stumbled across Calvary Christian School by happenstance and it was one phone call that changed everything. I am grateful for my preschool aide position but am really praying that a position opens up in their elementary school for the next year. We’ll see what opportunities present themselves but nonetheless, I’m so happy to have found this school community!

Be sure to link up and share your top fourteen moments of ’14!

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  1. What a year! Love your tattoos so much!!! It seems we have a few things in common. I moved from California to Florida to teach and then back to California again, Going back and forth between the two states' requirements/fees/credentials/certificates is exhausting. I feel your pain big time! So sorry about your sister, my sister's on the other side too, so again...I feel ya. It's a sad club to be in, but I always feel a connection someone else who goes through sibling loss at a young age. Love and hugs to you and the very best of luck in 2015!



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