A Christmas Conversation Linky Party

Happy Sunday morning everyone! Today I am linking up with Babbling Abby over at The Inspired Apple for her lovely Christmas Conversation Linky Party! I just love the holidays and learning about how everyone celebrates Christmas since every family is different and has their own traditions. As a newlywed, the hubs and I are celebrating our first Christmas together as a married couple (and so is our fur-baby, Murphy), which is very exciting! I’ve put a lot of thought into holiday-themed activities and movies this year and I look forward to creating new traditions for our family and future kids. :)

If you’re looking for fun holiday-themed date ideas I wrote a post about the ones we are doing this year over at my lifestyle blog, Primarily Inspired. Be sure to check it out and I hope you get inspired to try some out with the love in your life this holiday season!

Back to the Christmas Conversation...

Favorite Book to Read to Your Kids:
Dr. Seuss’ classic tale of How the Grinch Stole Christmas will always be my favorite! It’s the tale of taking someone who’s lost the spirit of Christmas but learns to change his ways and find true happiness. Just love this story!

Favorite Holiday Food and/or Drink:
Last year Philip made eggnog from scratch and it was delicious! Now we’ll be making it each year and I’m very excited about this. Another food that has always been (in my family) a tradition is getting a honey ham for dinner...a dinner for the next three weeks!

Christmas Song You Will Tire of First:
Every year it’s the same and I’m sure this will pop up on everyone’s conversation poster but the one song I always tire of after hearing it once is Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You”...mostly because you hear it EVERYWHERE and possibly every 5 minutes.

Favorite Holiday Movie(s):
We have a ton of holiday movies lined up for watching this year but a few of my favorites are, of course, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, Elf, The Holiday, and Love, Actually. Each a little bit different but nonetheless great movies to snuggle up to.

A tradition from both of us is decorating cookies or cake pops. We typically fly home to TX (where Philip’s family is from) to spend it with his family, which we look forward to every year. But, this year we will be staying home for the first time and therefore we have to carry on the tradition of baking and decorating cookies! We’ve already decorated our gingerbread house (which was SO much fun!) and I look forward to decorating some cookies. 

Oh! One tradition that I forgot to mention was Philip always had pine scented candles at home growing up around Christmas so another tradition we’ve adopted is always stocking the house with pine scented candles ;)
First gingerbread house made together. I think it came out looking great!
Elf cake pops! Philip got really into it...then the elves started growing mustaches...

Best Gift You Ever Received:
This year we decided not to get each other presents because we’re trying to save. But one gift we both received this year was our matching tattoos of Picasso’s drawing of his dachshund. It was a perfect design for the both of us and I love how simple it is. They both turned out great and I love that the hubs and I share this together.

Where Can You Be Found on Christmas Eve:
Like I mentioned before, we usually go home to TX for Christmas and spend time with his family. But with moving this year and just having unforeseen expenses, we opted to stay home. But, it’s given us time to spend together doing fun holiday themed date nights! On Christmas Eve you can find us first at church service then home with each other. :)

When Do You Take Your Decorations Down:
It was a lucky year that I was able to get them up before Thanksgiving! But, typically we take down all of our decorations sometime in January after New Years. We transitioned to a fake tree and it makes cleaning up such a breeze. It’s always a sad moment when I have to take things down...

Fun Holiday Fact About You or Your Family:
And a fun fact about the Daniel household is that this will be our first Christmas celebrating as newlyweds, in addition to, it being Murphy’s first Christmas! Needless to say I’m excited to take him for Santa pictures!

But most of all, my true excitement of this holiday comes from the celebration of Christ, our Lord, being born. It’s such a wonderful time to be thankful to God for sending his Son for each of us and through Him being saved. It makes my heart happy to celebrate Him and share in His love this season.

Thank you to Abby who’s hosting this wonderful linkup. Be sure to link your blog and share your holiday traditions!

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