November 25, 2014

Gift Ideas Teachers Will LOVE!

Can you believe it’s the week of Thanksgiving?! I don’t know about you but November has just crept up on me and we’re already so close to the Christmas holiday. With the holiday parties about to pop up in classrooms everywhere I thought to share out some gift ideas for parents and fellow teachers that I know they’ll appreciate.

 #1 Gift Cards:
I have yet to meet a teacher who hasn’t loved receiving gift cards! Teachers run off coffee and tea so Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts is a definite go-to so they’re sure to get their daily fix...especially those fun holiday drinks (as I think about my Gingerbread Latte....mmmmm).

Some other great gift cards are:
Teachers Pay Teachers
Barnes & Noble

#2 Children’s Books & School Supplies:
We all (should) know that teachers spend more money out of pocket for school supplies and stocking their classroom libraries. Check with your teacher about their needs in the classroom in terms of their supplies for both the students and the teacher herself. One could never have too many Post-Its or Clorox Wipes ;)

Scholastic Book Clubs are a great way for teachers to share their wish lists with their class so parents know what titles their teachers would like to receive. 

#3 Coffee Mugs:
Piggybacking on #1, teachers probably make up the most money spent on coffee and tea. With this being said I know teachers would love to receive a new and cute coffee mug! There’s many to choose from and find one that best fits your teacher’s personality. Getting a monogrammed mug is even better!

#4 Candles:
One gift I always love to see are candles! I’m not much for food scented candles but anything earthy and autumn scented are my favorites! I get more excited the more I think about them, haha. Candles are a great addition for any teacher’s home ;)

#5 Magazines:
Find out what interests your teacher has the most and gift him/her with magazines. Are they recently engaged, just had a baby, or loves to cook? Find a couple magazines that suits their lifestyle and interests beyond the classroom! Even better, see if you can send them a gift subscription to their favorite!

#6 Stocking Stuffers:
One student last year actually got me lottery tickets for both Christmas and Teacher Appreciation Week. I thought it was creative and very thoughtful. Although I didn’t win the million dollar jackpot, I did feel it was a sweet thought. Other stocking stuffer ideas could be movie tickets, chocolates and other candies, or beauty products like soaps and hand lotions.

Other Great Ideas:
If your teacher or teacher-friend just got engaged or married, check their wedding registry and see if the whole class can pitch in on one, or a few, items.

I was super surprised to see that my class pitched in and got me my Kitchen Aide mixer from my registry (not even prompted!) since I was getting married in the summer. I was definitely surprised and it meant a lot that they would think to do that for me :)

I love receiving ornaments from my students that are either bought or handmade. I put the child’s name and year on the back and hang them on my tree. Ornaments make for great presents!

Happy Holidays!

November 14, 2014

Five For Friday + FREEBIE

Linking up today with Doodle Bugs Teaching! Here’s the randoms from my week!

#1 Cold Spring Tavern
This glorious #foodie aka #fatkid picture is from Cold Spring Tavern here in Cali. It’s the best tri-tip sandwiches you’ll find anywhere and I absolutely love their horseradish sauce and salsa. The hubs and I stopped by on our way back from visiting with friends. It’s a must when traveling through the canyon back to Ventura ;)

#2 Off-Roading
We also went off-roading, which was a first for me. It was scary and exciting all at the same time. I loved the views from the top of Vandenberg AFB.

...and of course you need a Jeep

#3 Getting Off the Ground!
Nevermind my 6 Bloglovin followers, haha, but I am so happy to see my lifestyle blog get off the ground. It’s my newest venture and it’s fun to see how it grows week by week. I’ve been able to meet and follow such amazing ladies and it just adds to the many pros of blogging!
Check it out and join the conversation! :)

If you’d like, you can check out Primarily Inspired here:


#4 In-N-Out for Lunch? What?!
Since I’m always in love with food...of all kinds...I got very excited to see that every so often my school caters In-N-Out for lunch to teachers and students who purchase it. Another wonderful reason to love my school!

#5 ABC & Number Dot Book FREEBIE

In preschool, students have been working hard on learning their letters and numbers. The teacher I work with has fun little number dot books and that’s where I got the inspiration for this number FREEBIE. All you need are dot paints and each time a new number is introduced the student marks that many dots for each number. The alphabet book is a great practice workbook for letter formation and contacting the letter sound to different words/objects.

Have a great weekend!

And 42 days till Christmas!!