Survived My First Day {Yay!}

Phew....OMG was this a whirlwind day! As many of you know I just started my new job as a preschool aide and it was an overall great experience! There’s definitely something to be said for private schools vs public and I’m seeing a few of those already. This particular school has an amazing group of teachers and the administration is as well. I mean, I’ve never been to a school where you can just tell that the staff climate, and the school as a whole, is positive and genuinely so.

Since I’m coming in once the year has already started, I am assisting in a 3 year old classroom and my lead teacher is awesome. Her and I got along instantly and it was a click. Her teaching style and expectations for the kids is right along with how I ran my classroom- and that’s important since it will help us teach collaboratively. I remember having an aide when I taught kindergarten and now I’m gaining that experience myself and aides are truly a gift to any teacher. So if you’re an aide or you have one...they’re amazing!! :)

I am part time (which puts me at about a 4-5hr work day) but my commute is about an hour (and I mean, who doesn’t enjoy a drive with NO TRAFFIC and along the coast of the Pacific?!). I’m definitely enjoying the no traffic aspect, but in order to make it worth it both with my time and simply the cost of gas for the trip each day to and from, I was interested in working extra hours at the school or tutoring. 

Luckily, as if my admin isn’t already cool enough, my director gave my contact info out to a family looking for extra help with their three kids after school. Today I got to meet them and not only are the kids darling but the parents are the sweetest ever and so flexible with my schedule and responsibilities at home. So, in the end it’s as if I am working full time but I get to spend more one-on-one time with each kid. 

Today was, indeed, a long one but I missed it. and the best part about this is that I get to continue to work with these amazing kids in the classroom and gain new experiences along the way. I wasn’t anticipating everything that has landed in my lap but I am truly grateful. I look forward to the craziness that comes along with this new job of mine but I am finally, once again, feeling fulfilled.

I hope everyone else had as good a Monday as I!!

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  1. I'd love to hear more of the differences you see between public and private schools. What other things do you see?

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