October 1, 2014

Red Ribbon Week {GIVEAWAY} & 1,000 Follower Freebie!

  A few weeks ago (probably about a month) I was contacted by the lovely Erainna from Counseling with Heart and she had asked me if I would be willing to read and share her book that she just published. I of course thought it was extremely nice of her to think of me so I said OF COURSE! A few days later I received Charlie and the Curious Club: Candy or Medicine

Erainna sent me this book in celebration of Red Ribbon Week. If you're not familiar, the Red Ribbon Campaign is an organization that provides education and resources to children and their families about drug prevention. This year Red Ribbon Week takes place on October 23rd-31st

This book tells the story of Charlie and his friend Dillin who are just curious about everything (as all young children are!). They have a little club where they investigate different wonders they have and learn along the way. Well, one day he notices an older woman, Ms. Shirley, and her pet parrot are moving into his neighborhood. So, of course they went off to investigate his newest neighbor. 

While visiting he finds her pill box and thinks it's candy for the parrot. They were about to take them back to their treehouse to taste them when Ms. Shirley told them it wasn't candy but her medication. Alas the lesson learned is how being curious is a good thing but it can have some negative consequences if gone unsupervised. Also, Charlie and Dillin learned a valuable lesson about the differences between candy and medication.

Here's a little preview of the book:

If you're interested in receiving this book, the author has given me 3 copies to give out for free! I know I've been crazy with giveaways lately but seriously....who doesn't like winning things??? Enter today so you can receive your book before the beginning of Red Ribbon Week at the end of the month!
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Another exciting thing happened: I achieved my 1,000 Facebook follower milestone! It's the little things in life, people! :) So, as an appreciation to you I have included this {FREEBIE} for all the love and support I've received since beginning this little blog.
 Download {FREEBIE} on TpT

Similar to my Character I.D. handout featured in my Story Elements Pack, I have Charlie as our main character to focus on. Here you have students think about his actions in the story, how he feels, what he looks like, and familiar phrases or dialogue in the story.

The main lesson that Charlie learns is the difference between candy and medicine. This is a good discussion to have considering children can often mistake common medicines for candy. With this worksheet you have students investigate how candy and medicine look different and have different purposes. Then, on the line students can write a sentence about what they've learned.

Finally, this worksheet has students identify safe from unsafe choices. Given the different scenarios students must determine if it's a safe or unsafe choice and write it on the line.

I hope you enjoy this book and the free companion worksheets! Be sure to get involved with Red Ribbon week and enter my giveaway to receive a free copy of this book!!

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