October Currently

Hello! It's been a little while but I am happy to be back to blogging! Last Thursday I jetted off to New Hampshire for my sister's wedding and it was absolutely beautiful! After spending 4 days away I am happy to be back in CA with my boys!

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I'm about 6 days late on my Currently but I have a good excuse! My sister got married this weekend in New Hampshire and I flew out there all by myself (hubby couldn't get time off from his new job) and I have to say that I'm quite proud of myself for navigating the airport, managing to get a rental car and drive through Boston and New Hampshire, and arrive at my hotel with no issues! You can imagine that I was a bit nervous to do all that especially considering my hubs takes control of all that when we travel...so definitely a growing experience ;)

Anyways...here's my currently for October!
1. Listening: I'm currently listening to Hungry Investors playing in the background on the TV. I love this show! We watch Bar Rescue and love Taffer and his crazy outbursts but he's smart and it's cool to watch him help struggling restaurants.

2. Loving: Something that I'm especially loving this month is officially breaking out all of my autumn candles! I'm in need of some more and I know a trip to Target is coming up soon ;) Now that we are in CA and don't really experience fall the way we did in VA I try my best to recreate the smells and feelings with my candles and pumpkin flavored coffee from Trader Joes.

3. Thinking: I am SO happy to have hit my 1,000 followers on Facebook this past week! Its such a little but amazing accomplishment and I appreciate my followers so much! I started this little blog as a fun way to share my adventures in the classroom and it makes me feel good to see my experiences or products be helpful to others in their classroom!

4. Wanting: I had to take some time to think about this because I feel pretty satisfied with everything right now, however, as I was thinking that, Murphy was beginning to chew on my curtains! Haha! So, needless to say, I am definitely wanting to work with Murphy on his obedience training and eventually get him started in Puppy Kindergarten. Today I am beginning to work with him on walking on the leash. Wish me luck!!

5. Needing: This is where I can say that I'm pretty satisfied and that at this moment I don't need anything. After being away from my husband and Murph since last Thursday and now that I have them both I'm pretty OK with everything ;)

6. Trick or Treat: Treat all the way! I love treating my followers so be sure to follow me on TpT so you can easily get all my freebies! I just posted some recently!


  1. I would love to visit New Hampshire/ New England in Fall- it must be beautiful. I would imagine a wedding at this time of year would be something very special with all of the beautiful colours. Best of luck with Murphy's training- he sounds like a real character! Xx

    1. It was very nice! The weather was crisp and cool, which I just love. And thank you! All the encouragement for Murphy is greatly appreciated! He's doing very well with his homeschooling, haha.

  2. Have you smelled the Pumpkin Pie candle from Bath and Body Works? OMG!!! SO good!!!!!!!

    Congratulations on reaching 1000 followers on Facebook! I am TRYING to reach a milestone like that. I feel like it could take a lifetime! Lol

    Hooo-Ray For Teaching


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