F is for Fish!

This week we are moving right along with our letter knowledge and identification! We finished up F last week and are moving on to G this week. I wanted to pop in and share with you the CUTE art project we did!

I’m learning very quickly that paint is a major part of preschool and we use it practically every day! This is definitely something I’ve had to get used to since in second grade I keep paint for art class- not in mine, haha! That and glitter are the two things I loath working with ;)

However, paint with three year olds has been a lot of fun and it’s awesome seeing their work come together in these little projects. Plus, they get so excited to see their work displayed in the classroom. Here are our final fishes in celebration of the letter F!

To make these cute guys first you need:
- foam poster board cut into fourths
- brown paper bags
- tacky glue
- black yarn
- goggly eyes
- paint(!)
- twine
- hot glue gun, scissors

The background was the easiest part: just had them paint the foam boards blue. Once those dried I just painted the white waves myself. To make the fish, first I grabbed about 2-3 kiddos at a time to paint the paper bags orange. This step alone took about 2 days since I had them paint one side on one day, let it dry, then finished it up the second day. Then, I showed them how to stuff their fishes with crumpled paper (great fine motor activity!) and tied them with the twine to make the fish bodies. The following day we put their eyes and yarn mouths. The final step was to hot glue the fish to their ocean backgrounds! And I have to say just how cute these turned out!

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