September 17, 2014

California Bound and Arrived!

Hello from California! We {finally} made it to Ventura, CA where the hubs, Murphy, and I will call home for at least the next few years. We spent four days on the road; traveling from VA across the country to CA. We are so blessed to have had Philip's dad fly out (from TX) and be willing to help us drive the U-Haul (with a trailer for my car!) while we drove our Jeep. Otherwise our journey would have been slightly more difficult than it actually was. 

Here's a little slideshow from our drive...

So, we set off early Saturday morning and our first stop was Nashville, TN where we made a pit-stop for some good BBQ and sweet tea! Then, it was onto Memphis where we stayed the night. We averaged about 10-12 hours driving each day (I say we but since I don't know manual I didn't have to do any driving, haha!). Thanks to Yelp we were able to find some great local eats along the way and hotels where we knew our stuff would be safe for the night.

Needless to say our little guy, Murphy did very well living out of hotels the last four days :) I was actually very proud of how well he handled the entire trip. For an 11 week old puppy who has only been with us for the last couple weeks he was very comfortable and relaxed the entire time! #thankgoodness
Then it was...
Family photo time!
Getting closer...
Lots of desert and rock...

And this is the view from the front of our building...I mean it's perfect and it makes me very excited about our new chapter. Of course it was hard to leave our friends and my family but now that we're in our new place and getting settled it's feeling more and more like home here. I mean, I've been here for two days and sometimes I have to pinch myself to remind me this is real ;)
{the little dots in the water are surfers...not sharks, haha}

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Oh...and I guess I can officially update my blog to show that I am officially a...

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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