August 1, 2014

Five for Friday {August 1}

It's been sooooo long since I've linked up with Doodle Bugs for their weekly linky party so I'm excited to participate this week and see all the fun random stuff everyone shares out! Be sure to follow and link up to share out your five randoms this Friday!

1. Summer Reading: Gone Girl
OMG this book was amazing. Right before the hubs and I took our honeymoon I downloaded this book to my Nook and it was the best summer reading choice...ever. I was completely hooked and read it throughout my trip and just finished this week. I hate it when people give away parts of the story so I won't share anything but I have to recommend this novel to anyone who hasn't read it yet. Such a gripping and twisty plot that kinda messes with you in the end.

2. Fitbit!
Ok, I worked VERY hard leading up to my wedding to shed some lbs and was fairly successful (with the help of Weight Watchers and training for a half marathon). But then something happened that I wasn't quite expecting and that no one told me: the weight you gain back during your wedding and honeymoon. OMG was it lovely getting to eat and drink to my hearts content, however, it leaves you feeling a bit guilty. I mean, how crazy is it that I buy a pair of shorts specifically for my honeymoon and on the trip they were already feeling tight. I mean, what the heck!? So, after returning I'm getting serious about getting back into shape and just being healthy overall. Introducing my cute pink Fitbit! I just got it this past week and I LOVE it! Really helps me stay on track with my fitness goals and helps me make smart food/drink choices throughout the week. Again, if you don't have one- get one!

3. Late Night Date Night
So it kinda rhymes but it's something that the hubs and I do (especially now that it's summer and we have some time to kill) and it's become our weekly ritual. This past week for our #latenightdatenight we decided to snuggle up on the floor with the comforter from our bed, pop some popcorn, a glass of wine, and watch the romantic movie....Zombieland. Haha, this will give you a glimpse into our relationship and we just love to have fun with each other- even if that means snuggling up on the floor! Always make time for the little moments :)

4. Some TpT Goodies: Schedule Cards!

I am back again this beginning of the year with new and fresh looking schedule cards. I even added some new ones that I remember needing last year and hopefully you may find a use for. Here's what's included in this pack:
  • All major subjects (reading workshop, writing workshop, reading centers, math, social studies, science, word study, poetry)
  • Specials (art, music, P.E., guidance, computer lab)
  • Arrival/Dismissal/Pack Up
  • Morning Work
  • Morning Meeting
  • Recess/Lunch
  • Assembly
  • Special (could be used for any occasion!)
  • Field Trip
  • {NEW} Testing (because we all know that time of year!)
  • Buddies (in case you link up with another class during the week)
  • {NEW} 2 hour delay/Early Dismissal (for those snowy mornings)
5. Getting' Busy on the Blog!
This past week has been super productive for me! I was able to update my computer situation, which I was very excited about and it's what I needed. I am happy that I am able to get down to creating and update a lot of my products and be able to share them with everyone. Blogging has been a lot of fun for me and even though I'm going through a bit of a transition with trying to find a teaching position, I know I wanted to keep busy and create as if I were in the classroom. Which, is the main reason I am continuing my blog- teaching is my passion and I am very much wanting to stay 'in the loop' and hopefully share out my ideas even if I'm not teaching at the moment. So, if you haven't noticed already (I know I broke the sacred rule of only one post per day) be sure to look around my blog or TpT because I am very happy with the latest products for Back to School and I hope you may find them helpful!

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  1. Wedding + honeymoon + first year of marriage hit my waistline HARD. But, you are totally ahead of the curve, obviously! I am so glad to find someone who is as excited about their fitbit as I am! I have had three (long story) but currently am using the Flex and I am super jealous of your pink one! I ordered the grey thinking it would blend better with other jewelry, but it's looking like I may have to just order myself another band... (:

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