Five for Friday {Aug 22nd}

What a week and it's Friday again! Be sure to link up your blog with Doodle Bugs Teaching and share your five randoms! Here's mine from this week!!

1. California Dreamin'
Number one this week is our recent news of moving to three weeks! OMG. See my post {here} about the full story, but it came as quite a shock, but a bittersweet one. My husband separated from the Air Force back in April and since then he had difficulty finding a job so you can imagine that after a few months of not working it starts to wear you down. I was also in a position where I was having trouble finding a teaching position anywhere so needless to say the both of us weren't anticipating our sudden unemployment. However, God pulls through and we BOTH get job offers within days of each other...but after a long discussion we concluded that him taking the job in California was the best decision for us. So, we're sad to say goodbye to my family and our dear friends here in the DC area but very excited at the same time for our new adventure.

I feel this way about my own stuff...haha

2. Story Elements Pack!

At the beginning of the year in second grade at my old school we would begin introducing and reviewing key story elements with the kids beginning with characters. After students became familiar with identifying the characters from a story we would then discuss how author's describe their characters using both inside and outside traits. We had a lot of fun using the story Charlie and the Chocolate Factory {all time favorite author AND loved reading every.single.year}. I would venture to say that ALL Roald Dahl stories do a fantastic job of engaging the students meanwhile making those character traits easy to spot.

Anyways, the product I'd like to share today is a pack that I made which includes all the important teaching materials for those story elements: character, setting, problem, solution, important events, and summaries. This pack also includes fun posters for your classroom and key vocabulary from the unit such as 'dialogue'. I also made fun companion handouts that can be used in your own lessons or even for centers.

Even'll be 20% off today only at my TpT shop!!

3. New Puppy Arriving!
Why would timing ever work out perfectly for us?!? It's become a joke at this point that timing for Philip and I haven't been the greatest, especially within the last few months, haha. But I'm SOOOOOOO excited to finally meet our little guy exactly one week from today!! We contacted a breeder before we knew we'd be moving so it'll be quite an interesting journey for us now that we'll have a new puppy joining us on our trek to California. But, nonetheless, we are very excited to become parents to this little fur ball :)

4. Becoming and Auntie {again!}
Some exciting news came from my brother this past week and not only are him and his wife moving back to her home state of Oklahoma BUT they're also expecting! It's still a bit early but I am beyond happy for them! It's crazy when you're siblings start having children themselves....I'm sorry, but my brothers and sisters to me will always be those teenagers in my mind from when I was just the 'annoying baby sister', haha. 

Another exciting thing about us moving too is that my sister, her husband, and my baby nephew also living in California so I'm very much looking forward to seeing them and getting to see my little nephew :)

5. Fogo de Chao
In celebration of my hubs getting his job (and a great one at that!) I wanted to take him out and treat him to a nice dinner where, not to mention, he could get his fill on every type of meat humanly possible (sorry for any vegetarians reading!). He's been before but I had never been myself and what the experience it was! I personally loved the salad bar choices but I can't get past the bacon wrapped filet mignon! Put anything wrapped in bacon in front of me and I'll eat it! It was just a nice evening spent with my love :)

On that note...

Have a wonderful weekend!!


  1. You have lots of exciting news in this post!!! Good luck on your move and your new puppy!! Eeeek! How exciting! Your story elements pack looks awesome!!

    A Sunny Day in First Grade

  2. WOW, you have a lot going on right now! Good luck with all the transitions. It all sounds so exciting though. Love your blog design!

    Sara J Creations


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