As life would have it...

We all know that saying, "God works in mysterious ways...", well, He sure does! As much as I would like to always think that things happen for a reason and that although I may not always know the plan or be prepared for it, I have to be willing to accept that life happens, most of the time when we're not expecting it.

As life would have it, my husband and I are both blessed but of course these blessings sometimes come with decisions that have to be made and faith that everything will work out how it needs to. Just as I was offered a teaching job with Fairfax County Public Schools, commuting only 15 minutes from home, and having the sweetest and most supportive administration husband is offered a job that is too great of an opportunity to turn down. As blessed as we are to both have found work, especially after a difficult summer with both of us leaving our previous jobs (him the Air Force and me my last school), these jobs happen to be on two different coasts. 

Yesterday we got the fantastic news that my husband will be accepting a California. We spent about a week discussing both choices and he, of course being the amazing person he is, told me that he doesn't have to accept it because he knows how excited I was about my new school. I told him that although it would be very hard for me to turn it down it would be even harder for us to miss this opportunity. It's a great job, in a great location, with a great salary and benefits. Unfortunately a teacher's salary doesn't compare. However, it means a lot that he understands the position I'm put in and how this affects me. He's always said that he respects what teachers do a million times more because he knows now what goes into it - seeing me day in and out busting my butt! 

At the end of the day we are both very excited to begin this new adventure- especially the drive across the country. But, in the same breath it'll be something very new for me as I've never lived away from Northern Virginia let alone another state. It's all so new, exciting, scary, and all these other emotions. I know we're going to have a great time and it just adds to our life experiences together.

Like before, I may not be in the classroom this year but I plan to continue blogging and sharing ideas and activities that may benefit those teaching this year :) I also want to say THANK YOU to all of my blogger friends and supporters as you've been so kind since I started this little blog. I look forward to continuing to share my adventures with you all...and like always, keep your eyes and hearts open...ALWAYS as God does indeed work in mysterious ways.


  1. Well, on the plus side there is a million different things to see and do in California!!! Good luck!!! I know you will love wherever you end up!


  2. Thanks, Jamie! That's very true and I know I'll love it once I'm there. I'm just an east coast girl at heart and moving across the country is so new to me- but I know it'll be great. CA will be quite the adventure!



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