Must-Read Monday and Sight Words!

Good evening all and hopefully I'm looking at a delay (maaaaybe even a snow day????) tomorrow with this little patch of snow coming through the Northern Virginia area *crosses fingers*. With that being said I wanted to link up with Teaching Maddeness and share a Must-Read that I found to be very helpful in my classroom.

The book I would like to share tonight is the wonderful and classic Where The Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak. This book lends itself to so many different reading strategies and I chose this book to model inferring.

Everyone (should) know the story of young Max who is sent to bed without dinner for being naughty. While in his room his imagination takes him to a far off land of the Wild Things where he becomes king. However, after enjoying the time being king and being far from his mother, Max begins to miss his mom and decides to 'return' home. By the end he is back in his room and he finds his dinner waiting for him.

I love this book for inferring because the author doesn't tell you a, seriously. Sendak gives you just enough and, of course, his illustrations do the rest of the storytelling. So, I modeled for students by highlighting specific (love my highlighter tape!) sections of the book and showed how I took what the author gave me (i.e. specific lines from the text) and combined it with my background knowledge.

I also used a wonderful anchor chart I found on Pinterest that gives the kids a good visual of how we infer. Needless to say, the lesson went very well and after a few days practicing I could see that my students were starting to get it!

Another read-aloud I used was Chris Van Allsburg's Just a Dream. I've read this story before for the skill of visualizing and I brought it back (plus it's one of my kids favorite stories!) for some more inferring.

Last, and quickly but not least, I have a new sight word center that I'd like to share with everyone. I am in need of refreshing some of my centers and as I slowly get them finished I'll be sure to post them.

With the success of my Time Scavenger Hunt I have created this fun sight word scavenger hunt! My kids just LOVE searching around the room, and hey, it keeps them engaged so I'm happy ;)

**I'm slowly learning how to make PDFs editable so that those who download my products can edit them so it fits their county's objectives, etc. I've learned that you can save my PDF as images and layer on top of the words if you need to change them.

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