More Fraction Action!

Fraction Sundaes!
This week we have been doing so much thinking with fractions and I am always happy to get away from worksheets for a while! Today we reviewed a bit with identifying equal parts and we are now just beginning to identify parts within a set. What better way to do that than these fun Fraction Sundaes!? I also have to point out that my kids get quite creative with their ice cream flavors!

First students are given a piece of construction paper, a bowl template, and the scoops template. The copy I gave them have about 9 scoops/page so I printed off two per kid so they had the choice of doing as many scoops as they pleased. I did tell them that they HAD to at least have 4 different ice cream flavors and it was interesting to see what the little guys came up with...

Some students chose many scoops and one of my lower students was able to show me that he understood parts of a whole by having only 1 scoop per flavor but correctly writing the fraction! I love how this activity lends itself to differentiation all on its own :)

Tomorrow I am excited to try another activity reviewing fractions using marshmallows!I got the idea from a little pinterest find:

Here's a preview of the handout I made to go along with the marshmallow fraction activity. Link to download coming soon :)

I will be back to update you on how well it goes!

How do you introduce and teach fractions to your little kiddos??


  1. Love the ice cream fractions!! Do you have a template? Thanks!

    1. Thank you! Unfortunately I don't have a digital template as it was provided by my team at school but I'll try and put something together and upload it :)


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