February 27, 2014

Fraction Action: Gumball Fractions!

Hooray for Fractions!
OMG have we been b-u-s-y with fractions this week and I am happy that I actually have some time to share it with everyone! Today we continued with our review and I love the time we have to take a little bit of a break and do some fun activities where the kiddos get to demonstrate what they know versus completing just some handout. So, today we got started on our gumball fraction machines!

Students were given the template and I had the kids decorate their own machines (I technically was going to print the template on red construction paper but I ran out of time and couldn't get to it...so I just made them design it- which came out pretty cool). 

Then, they were to pick four colors of their choosing and begin drawing in their gumballs. As you can see some students drew MAAANY gumballs and some drew only a few (I told them to draw at least 10). Luckily those who drew almost 100 found a way to keep track of them but next time I may just give them the amount.

But, with that said, I was really able to see how much they knew. The objective was to review locating fractions within a set and being able to write fractions correctly using numerators and denominators. I'm happy to say that my kiddos did great with this activity and I'm happy to share their work!


February 26, 2014

More Fraction Action!

Fraction Sundaes!
This week we have been doing so much thinking with fractions and I am always happy to get away from worksheets for a while! Today we reviewed a bit with identifying equal parts and we are now just beginning to identify parts within a set. What better way to do that than these fun Fraction Sundaes!? I also have to point out that my kids get quite creative with their ice cream flavors!

First students are given a piece of construction paper, a bowl template, and the scoops template. The copy I gave them have about 9 scoops/page so I printed off two per kid so they had the choice of doing as many scoops as they pleased. I did tell them that they HAD to at least have 4 different ice cream flavors and it was interesting to see what the little guys came up with...

Some students chose many scoops and one of my lower students was able to show me that he understood parts of a whole by having only 1 scoop per flavor but correctly writing the fraction! I love how this activity lends itself to differentiation all on its own :)

Tomorrow I am excited to try another activity reviewing fractions using marshmallows!I got the idea from a little pinterest find:

Here's a preview of the handout I made to go along with the marshmallow fraction activity. Link to download coming soon :)

I will be back to update you on how well it goes!

How do you introduce and teach fractions to your little kiddos??

February 17, 2014

Must-Read Monday Linky!

What a weekend getaway! I had SO much fun visiting the beautiful California with my love while he is out that way for work (darn Air Force always whisking him away!). With the long weekend I'm glad we were able to make it work for me to come out but it definitely makes things hard when you have to say goodbyes at the airport. Luckily I get him back on Friday so I can't pout for too long ;)

But, here's a little linky I'd like to share this evening...
Wow, what a linky to be a part of! Amanda from Teaching Maddeness has started up  a brand new linky that allows bloggers to share the books they are reading, whether it be professional, pleasure, or read-alouds in their classroom. I love celebrating reading and getting a few teachable ideas never hurt as well!

The book I am choosing to share is one of my all-time favorites and it never ceases to amaze me how much fun my kids have when reading this story! They are glued to the characters and anticipating what will happen next...and best of all, it provides rich literary learning opportunities for my little learners. Of course I'm talking about Roald Dahl's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!
The kids beg for me to keep reading and find the story hysterical (as do I!). Dahl always does a wonderful job of characterization and I love blending our character traits lessons (inside and outside) with this read-aloud. I also like opening up my students to other authors since they get stuck with the Mary Pope Osbourne's or Jeff Kinney's. I definitely noticed a few Roald Dahl books in my kids' book boxes after we concluded the first book. So neat! The kids also have some background information that they bring to the conversations such as the movie. Having read the book and discussing how it is similar and different really helps drive home the point that often times the book is SOOOOOO much better than the movie. 

Another book that I wanted to share very quickly is one I am personally reading for pleasure. I don't get too much time to myself for reading but I definitely make an effort. After having my nephew for a long weekend a few weeks ago we took him to my parents house where he watched Jurassic Park for the very first time (and he loved it!). My mom remains an avid reader and offered me her copy of the book to borrow and I seriously have difficulty putting it down! If you are a fan of the movie, I am mean who isn't, then I definitely recommend the book!! I haven't finished it yet but I look forward to reading what happens next...
I can't wait to catch up with everyone in the linky to see what great books they have to share!

February 14, 2014

Five for Friday!

Good morning everyone! I hope everyone had a good week and happy Valentines Day to everyone out there in the teacher bloggy world! Today is a fun day where you can celebrate love with friends and family. Today, Philip and I are headed all the way to California (he's going for work and I just get to tag along for the long weekend!). I am really looking forward to a little break :) Here's my randoms for this week... 
Five for Friday

1. FaceTime with my niece
My niece always cracks me up and she hasn't lost any of her humor or light after my sister passing, which was great to see. I don't get to see them very often but when I do it's a great feeling!

2. Game of Thrones
I know we are a bit behind the rest of the world but we have fallen in love with this series. I had seen the first season before but I wanted to introduce Philip to it since I had a good feeling he would like it. He's not too into Lord of the Rings and things like that, but he has really gotten into the story lines of all the characters. We just got to season 2 so we are on our way to catching up! And his favorite character, of course, is...

3. 3D shapes!
 This week my class has been working on solid and plane shapes. The other day we were exploring vertices and edges using marshmallows and toothpicks. A fun way to show them the faces on a shape is using bubble mix and dip them! I went around and dipped one side of their cubes to show them where the faces are. They seriously thought it was the coolest thing ever! My hope is that they were able to see where each vertex, edge, and face are located! 

4. Ancient Egypt Note Packet
Download TpT
We have been working hard this week in our Ancient Egypt packet! I've created easy-to-follow notes for students that goes great with any plans or lessons. It allows students to engage with their learning and has fun activities like writing your name in hieroglyphics! Find the link to the download above!

5. Half-Marathon
No, but seriously...I am very excited to run my second half-marathon and first time running with my fiance coming up in March. Seeing as though I'm trying to get in shape and shed a few pounds for the wedding, I thought it would be 'fun' to get motivated by having something to work towards. And I am very happy he's willing to suffer with me :)

February 8, 2014

Slim Down Saturday!!

Slim Down Saturday
I love linking up with Third Grade Tidbits for her weekly link-up. This week came and went and I'm happy to see some more hard work results. Here it is:
Ultimate goal: My ultimate goal is gettin' fit for my wedding! My dress came in this week and I was so happy when I put it on and definitely started seeing a little difference in my arms compared to when I first tried it on back in January. 

Gain/loss for this week: I was surprised a bit to see that in a week I lost 4.8 lbs considering it was so difficult to get .6 of a pound when I first started WW. But, nonetheless I am happy to see the scale dip down and help me get even closer to my goal of 10-15 lbs!

Total since starting: So far I've lost 7.2 lbs! Almost to my goal!

Positives from the week: I'm happy that I've found this routine with sticking to my meal points and making time for the gym. This week I didn't make it 3 times, only 2. But, I pushed it when I went knowing I should make up for lost time. And when I say push it, I just ran a mile on the treadmill at 5 mph instead of jogging it.

Something to do better: Since my diet has been the main factor in my weight loss, I want to keep finding new recipes and experimenting with flavors so that I can stay excited about meal time. I also want to allow myself a cheat day or cheat meal so I can give in to those cravings from time to time.

Goal for next week: My goal is to maintain!! Maintaining is probably the hardest thing to do since you're on the high from the loss in weight but the goal is to learn how to live a healthy lifestyle and keep with it. So, my goal is to maintain my routines the best I can since I don't plan on having WW forever!

One word: My word this week is refreshed. I can tell that I am getting better sleep, a bit more energy during the day, and just feeling good all around. I like that I'm not keeping myself from enjoying food/drinks that I love, which is HUGE for me. With that said, I feel very refreshed this week :)

February 1, 2014

Slim Down Saturday - February 1st

Good morning everyone! I am here again with an update and linking up with the lovely Gina over at Third Grade Tidbits for the weekly Slim Down Saturdays! Be sure to check it out and link up if you haven't already!!

Sooo as you can see I had a MUCH better week than last time and I'm happy to see that I was able to get back on track after the whole Chick-fil-a sandwich (however, looking back I don't feel all that guilty because it was the best damn sandwich I had in foooorever).  Here's a look at my week:

Ultimate goal: My goal is to tone up my arms for my wedding since I'll be wearing a strapless dress and overall I'm not trying to necessarily lose weight but I'm a happy bride if it happens ;) It would be nice to see a loss of 10-15 lbs by the end of my 3 month subscription to Weight Watchers (WW).

Gain/loss for this week: I lost! Yaaay! I was eager to weigh myself this morning knowing I had been working hard this past week and getting back to work has made such the difference. I control hunger throughout the day with fruit shakes (check out The Body Reset Diet for yummy smoothie ideas). I love that I can pack in a high fruit/veggie meal into a shake and be on my way to work. My favorite is the Apple Pie Smoothie (greek yogurt, whole apple, almonds, milk, cinnamon, and a banana).
Total since starting: I was so happy to see that overall I was able to lose 4 lbs! Weight loss has been so difficult and I get excited that a healthy balance of activity and portion control is letting me still eat the foods I crave/love. Even when my 3 months is up I feel like I'll have the knowledge and discipline to keep up these habits.

Positives from the week: I had a few positives from this week and it's more about maintaining habits like drinking water, getting my booty to the gym, and preparing healthy snacks for throughout the day. The biggest positive this week was that last night my fiance and I met up with friends for a night out and one of them complimented me on the way I looked. For a guy to notice that I feel like is a big deal since men typically wouldn't notice something like that. But, it's always nice to hear compliments :)

Something to do better: Last night was a lot of fun but since this was the first time going out since starting WW I didn't really look up different cocktail alternatives and figure out which ones will help me stay within my points goal. Going into the night I knew that this was going to be a cheat night so I didn't feel bad going over my allowance for the day. However, I didn't realize that certain cocktail ingredients were more than others. I'd like to research a little bit before going out next time- even if it is a cheat night- so I have my 'go-to drinks' when going out. 

Goal for next week: Overall, again, it's all about maintaining for me. I'd like to keep up with my eating and activity routines and making time every now and then to have a little cheat and treat myself.

One word: This week I chose glowing because that's how I am beginning to feel. I'm putting in hard work at work, at the gym, with my meals, etc. and best of all my clothes just fit better. There's nothing like an awesome fitting pair of jeans that makes you feel sexy and beautiful. My goal is to chase this feeling because I never thought that dieting can actually make you feel good about yourself.

That was my week in a nutshell and I can't wait to see what everyone else has been up to! With the Super Bowl tomorrow I'm a little nervous about food choices at a party I'm going to so any recommendations and tips for house party food would be amazing!