Five for Friday!

Iiiiiit'ssss Friiiiidaaaay! And that means it's time to link up with Doodle Bugs for their weekly linky! It's been quite the unusual week with all of our 'snow days' so although I don't have much to share from inside the classroom, I am happy to share some nice random stuff from this week! Be sure to link up!

1. SNOW DAY like snow days!

This has been quite the time for us up north since returning from our winter break. We returned to school Jan 2nd (which, I have to mention was unfair since most school districts didn't go back until Jan 6th!) but I can't complain too much since we were blessed with some snow that next day! Better yet...the temperatures dropped so much Sunday night that school was cancelled both Monday and Tuesday! Finally we were back in school on Wednesday but not before getting a 2-hour delay today for freezing rain. Not too shabby ;)

2. New Years Resolution
Each year I like to set at least one goal that I could envision completing by the years end but alas it never happens. However, this year is going to be a very exciting one for me since my wedding is in T-minus 6 months! This also means that I need to get my booty into shape and start 'sweating for the wedding'.
I've decided to join Weight Watchers for the first time and so far it's been really great! My fiance has been super supportive and has a lot of fun cooking the different recipes we've found. It also helps us plan out our week in terms of meals and in the end makes grocery shopping much easier...and cheaper! 

3. Ancient China
I was able to dedicate some time to creating a bit this week and the other day I was able to share my Ancient China Student Workbook. Check it out...again, here!

4. New recipes
This week I've spent a lot of time at home and what else am I going to do...well, eat of course ;) With trying to keep up with my resolution, WW has wonderful recipes to choose from that are fun, healthy, and really tasty! One recipe that I was quite proud of myself for making was Goat Cheese Mini Tartletts with Spiced Apple-Apricot Compote. It was unbelievably easy to make and tasted soooo good! Plus, I got to use phyllo dough for the first time, which was fun ;)

5. Finding time to just be happy...
This is something that I try to remind myself each week and sometimes it's a little harder  some days than others. However, I think that this past week and with New Years I've begun to reevaluate what's going on in my life both personally and professionally. I am just very grateful for the love I have around me and simply couldn't be more happy days!!

Thanks for letting me ramble... ;)


  1. No fun that you had to go back so early (that was our school last year), but I'm glad you got some extra weather days! We were out for cold on Tuesday and then got a delay Wednesday. Good look with Weight Watchers! Those tartlettes look delicious.

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  2. Thank you! It looks like you were able to enjoy some time off, too!


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