December 10, 2013

Snow Days and Matter!

Yay! Snow Day! This is our second day off from school this week and I couldn't be happier :) I've taken advantage of these days and was able to catch up on some grading, lesson plans, and new centers for reading and a packet on matter. It feels good to be productive and having no school to relax is even better!

The first product I've been working on is to enhance my matter unit (which we were supposed to start this week). I love student packets because it puts all the information and learning into one, easy to use, packet. My kids have been good about not losing them, which is even better. I just prefer to keep everything together.
This packet includes pages for each topic of learning throughout the matter unit outlined by Va state standards. We begin with discussing what matter is and the three states it is found in. In my packet I've included notes that align with BrainPopJr and Scholastic's Study Jams. The kids have always loved those videos and they provide easy to follow information. There's even a fun matter song found on Study Jams that my kids last year seriously sang for the rest of the year!

This packet also includes:
-Why Does Matter, Matter? [3 states of matter]
-Properties of solids, liquids, and gasses
-Matter Picture Sort
-Measuring Matter [mass/volume]
-Changing States [investigating heat]
-Changing States graphic organizer
-Matter Molecules
-Physical vs. Chemical Changes

Experiment: Physical/Chemical Change Investigation
-Sugar Cube

-Solid, Liquid, Gas Poems

The best part about study packets is that teachers can choose what to include and what to omit. Feel free to add nonfiction articles or other items to your packet to make it more interactive and focused on a particular skill. I love seeing the different ways teachers incorporate content into reading or writing activities.

I'll be posting my other activities soon!


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