December 15, 2013

Gettin' into the holiday spirit!

I wanted to link up with Fabulous in First with this little linky because it's so much fun to see how everyone celebrates the holidays!

Hot Chocolate or Eggnog?
I am a lover of both- especially since the fiance just made some from scratch last night! Yuuuummmy! So I suppose right now I'd have to say eggnog!

Does Santa wrap presents or just sit them under the tree?
This year since we are planning (and paying) for our wedding our Christmas budget has been light. So, instead of gifts we are just saving more and putting it towards our wedding fund. So technically no presents this year under the tree.

Colored lights or white?
The boy likes the look of colored lights, however, I have always liked the cute and clean look of white lights on a Christmas tree! Maybe next year :)

When do you decorate?
I start getting into the Christmas spirit even before Thanksgiving but apparently I'm not allowed to start decorating until after Thanksgiving day. I personally think it's a dumb rule but I get to go all out the rest of the month :)

Real or fake tree?
Our first Christmas together we did real since I have a co-worker whose parents have their own tree farm! It was beautiful but with us traveling to Texas for the holidays we never really got to enjoy our tree. So, this year we made the decision to go fake.

What tops your tree?
Since we are beginning our family decoration collection we don't have much. I am still on the lookout for an angel (like what I had as a kid) or a star, but for now we have a D (for Daniel - last name initial) ornament that tops our tree.

Favorite Christmas memories or traditions?
Again, the fun thing about beginning a new life with someone is that you get to start your own family traditions and even blend the traditions from both our families. Something I've always loved doing was baking cookies from scratch. His family does the same thing by baking sugar cookies and as a family decorating them- I look forward to that every year!
Last year Philip and I baked cake pops and decorated them as elves. Needless to say we got pretty into it!

Do you remember your favorite gift as a child?
Barbies and all things Barbie! My grandmother would get me absolutely anything and everything...it's something that I hope my future daughter will enjoy as much as I did growing up. 
And I cannot forget how much I loved my Ginger Spice Barbie doll. Again, one of the best presents ever as a kid!

Do you prefer giving or receiving?
I am always the one that enjoys giving gifts more than receiving since I love the looks on my loved ones faces when they open them. I always try to put a lot of thought into the gifts I give and the feeling of making someone feel loved and appreciated is priceless.

What is your favorite Christmas song?
Rudolf is always a fun and classic Christmas song that will always remind me of when I was younger and singing songs while decorating the tree with my mom and sisters. It's hard to pick just one but if I do it'll always be Rudolf!

Candy Canes. Yuck or yum?
I like candy canes but I do like how they come in all different kinds of flavors and not just peppermint. So technically I can say yum but only if they're the Starburst flavors (not real Christmas-y, I know).

Favorite Christmas movie?
Christmas Vacation all the way. The holidays are a time that everyone spends with family and every visit brings on some kind of stress in one way or another, haha. I come from a dysfunctional family and this movie does a great job at poking fun at it. It's just a fun movie that makes you laugh and remember that although you may want to kill your family sometimes, you'd never want to trade them in for anything.

Do you shop online or at stores?
I am a HUGE fan of online shopping, however I do like the instant satisfaction feeling of walking out of a store with the bags. It's just so much easier these days to order gifts online and have them shipped to your house. No crowds- no problem!

Photo Cards, Letter or Store-bought cards?
I am in charge of the Christmas cards and I love making and sending the photo cards. It really makes the message personal to family and friends and it's nice to see photos of everyone throughout the year, especially those that I don't get to see too often.


  1. Your cake pops are adorable! I haven't made those, but now you motivated me to try. Happy Holidays!

  2. Thank you! I got the recipe from Bakerella and she has the cutest designs! Happy holidays to you too :)

  3. Haha, we have the same problem with lights! I've been trying to convince the hubs to go with white lights for 8 years now, but it just hasn't quite happened yet. One day we'll come up with some compromise where we're both pleased with the outcome!

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  4. Stopping by from the linky party! I just got linked up today. Love the cake pops! I had everything barbie...back in the day...my Mom even made her some awesome outfits! Merry Christmas to you and your family!

    Come by my blog for the party when you get a chance!
    Many Blessings,

  5. Finally had time to blog hop today. We have a "cold" day today and tomorrow. Cute blog. Love your cake pops, the time and effort paid off. Good luck saving for your wedding. Happy New Year!

    Renee at the Science School Yard

  6. Lucky! We got freezing rain so I think that's why they called a snow day today...but I'll take it! Thanks for all your kind words! "Saving" for the wedding hasn't been easy but we are both very excited. Happy New Year to you too!


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