Five for Friday- Saturday Edition!

For the first time in a while I am linking up with the lovely Doodle Bugs Teaching for their weekly linky party! I tried so hard to get this up on Friday but I was so stinkin' tired from our week that I just passed out. But on to my 5!

1. New Downloads!

I've been very busy over this past weekend and had a couple snow days to help get on track with some reading centers and a unit packet on matter!

2. Christmas Cookies!
One thing I love to do at home is bake. I have always made chocolate chip cookies with my dad around the holidays and this was the first time I made some from scratch with my fiance. I was a bit nervous since it was my first time but they came out quite delicious! :)

3. Officially Adult Status
I am an official Costco member! I grew up in Costco with my family having 5 kids so I am not new to buying in bulk. However, I thought it was time for my fiance and I to start investing since our grocery bill seemed to get higher. He's the cook in our relationship so he loves buying every type of meat available and experimenting with new recipes. So, my take on it is - why not just buy 400lbs of meat and use what you need?! So far he's been having a lot of fun and it's great not having to spend so much every week on food!

4. Wonderful surprises from my students
I have to say that I think I have the most compassionate class...EVER. Ever since my sister passed my kids have been emotionally connected to me in a way I've never experienced. They seem to be more aware of my feelings and always checking in on me just to see if I'm feeling OK. Just the other day I found this on my desk....
*heart melts*

5. Christmas!!!

It's our first Christmas in our new place and this year we invested in a fake tree. He loves the pine smell and last year we got a real one but proved to be a bit of a hassle. The only issue with a real tree that we found with us traveling to Texas we weren't there to really enjoy it. So, this year we went faux. I am that weird person that gets into the Christmas spirit before Thanksgiving so needless to say, I am very excited about ALL things Christmas :)

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