Five For Friday!

It's that time of the week that I love the most and it's Doodle Bugs Teaching's weekly link-up! I just love popping over to all the blogs that have shared their weekly things since we all need a little unwinding after long and busy weeks. Here are mine!
Began centers this week! the beginning of the year I always forget how tricky setting up centers can be the first week guided reading starts. No matter how much we practiced I swear the transitions are bit all over the place (but we're getting better!). After rotating a few times I think my kiddos are getting the hang of it *knocks on wood*. Buuut, I do love the wonderful creations and thinking my kids do while in their centers and here is a couple shots I was able to sneak in:

In the Work on Writing center students got to do a 'Squiggle' writing. They are given a doodle and must create something with it and write about it. In the picture my kiddo created a worm that was being eaten by a bird. Other squiggles were: a spoon, snakes, and birds. They get really creative and it's always fun to see what they come up with!
The other picture is of our Creation Station. Students create a fall mosaic using ripped construction paper. Many of them created Jack-o-lanterns and others made trees with falling leaves. Afterwards they write a small piece about what they love about the season of fall and attach it to their mosaic.
Gobble, Gobble Even and Odd Game!

This game was so much fun and the kids had a great time playing! There are many versions of this out there...I just slapped some turkeys on there for my love of fall ;) It's easy to set up and play! Kids roll a dice and move their counter depending on if they rolled an even or odd number. This can be adapted by using two dice and students have to add the sums. We used this as a review before our test :)
I can actually keep a plant alive!

 No seriously...I am so proud of my little basil plants! Now, I know basil is pretty hard to kill but I definitely feel accomplished considering that I am apartment gardening. It's so nice to be able to walk over and just pick off what I want to use and it just grows back! I've begun planting parsley as well and they seem to be doing great. I can't wait for Philip and I to buy our first home so we can start gardening veggies too!
Mini greenhouse is from Ikea :D
Training, Training, Training
Our county is beginning a new reading program that all primary teachers need to be trained on. Although I can appreciate PDs that are helpful and provide me with new ideas for instruction, I hate that it takes me away from my class. It's difficult to leave my class with a sub so often but what can you do....I suppose it's my job.
We are preparing to move! I know I've blogged about our new home search during the summer and now it's all becoming a reality! I am so excited but I feel bad that I'll be at work and Philip is taking off to move our stuff. Luckily we don't (I really mean he doesn't) have too much stuff. I just can't wait to get settled and break out all my seasonal fall decorations!

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  1. Oh, squiggle writing is so much fun! I'm with you on having trouble keeping plants alive, so go ahead and celebrate! I once killed a cactus...

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