October 14, 2013

Saturday Snapshots!

Good afternoon blogger friends! Today I am linking up with Miss Nelson to share my Saturday Snapshots!

This past week has been SUPER busy at work but then my personal life kinda took over this weekend! Philip and I finally got all moved in to our new apartment in Old Town. I have to say, this moving trip was by far the easiest move ever! For the most part we were able to move a lot of our stuff just using his Jeep (since my Mini is worthless, haha) and we hired movers to help with the big stuff. First, I have to put in a little plug for our moving company because they were amazing! Super efficient, professional, and quick with the move. Two Marines Moving is based in Alexandria, VA and I couldn't say enough great things. So, if you're moving soon and live in the Northern Virginia area, please consider checking these guys out. Plus, it's a wonderful opportunity to help our marine veterans by supporting their business.

Philip and I are all moved in and getting settled. The day we decided to move in happens to be the same day a girlfriend and I signed up for the Cosmic Run 5k. It was so much fun!! Think of the Color Run but at night and with glowing powder and glow sticks!! I mean, who doesn't love glow-in-the-dark stuff? Again, if you're looking for a fun run with friends that gets you nice and dirty check out Living Social for a deal (that's how I found it).

And finally...some very exciting news...Philip proposed on Saturday!!! I cannot believe I have a fiance now when just a couple days ago he was my boyfriend, haha. It was so cute the way he did it too. Apparently, he had this planned for months and even went to go ask for my father's permission while I was at work and he had a day off from work. I feel as though some tradition is being lost with this generation but I'm am so happy that he included my father (and parents) in the process and I know they appreciate it too.
(official engagement photos coming soon!)

So, he first was going to 'pop the question' on the night we moved in as a way to celebrate our first night in our new home. He even bought champagne (but told me it was for the house)! But of course after the 5k and moving all day I was completely pooped and just wanted to sleep. I just felt so bad because I had no idea he was planning all this :)

Then, the next morning (and I must mention I had no makeup on, my pj's, and my hair in a messy bun...of course) I woke up and started getting some laundry done so I had clean clothes for work after moving. That's when he tells me that he has a little 'moving in' gift for me. I feel like at this point I should have felt a shift in the force and see it coming but I had no idea that when I closed my eyes, then opened them again, he would be on one knee and ask me to marry him. I immediately broke into tears and after a minute of me crying I finally mustered "yes!" and he gave me this beautiful ring.
I am so excited to call this wonderful man my fiance and couldn't be more excited to begin our next adventure together! Now...even more of a reason to dedicate a large portion of my day pinning ideas on Pinterest.

October 4, 2013

Five For Friday!

It's that time of the week that I love the most and it's Doodle Bugs Teaching's weekly link-up! I just love popping over to all the blogs that have shared their weekly things since we all need a little unwinding after long and busy weeks. Here are mine!
Began centers this week!
Sheesh...at the beginning of the year I always forget how tricky setting up centers can be the first week guided reading starts. No matter how much we practiced I swear the transitions are bit all over the place (but we're getting better!). After rotating a few times I think my kiddos are getting the hang of it *knocks on wood*. Buuut, I do love the wonderful creations and thinking my kids do while in their centers and here is a couple shots I was able to sneak in:

In the Work on Writing center students got to do a 'Squiggle' writing. They are given a doodle and must create something with it and write about it. In the picture my kiddo created a worm that was being eaten by a bird. Other squiggles were: a spoon, snakes, and birds. They get really creative and it's always fun to see what they come up with!
The other picture is of our Creation Station. Students create a fall mosaic using ripped construction paper. Many of them created Jack-o-lanterns and others made trees with falling leaves. Afterwards they write a small piece about what they love about the season of fall and attach it to their mosaic.
Gobble, Gobble Even and Odd Game!

This game was so much fun and the kids had a great time playing! There are many versions of this out there...I just slapped some turkeys on there for my love of fall ;) It's easy to set up and play! Kids roll a dice and move their counter depending on if they rolled an even or odd number. This can be adapted by using two dice and students have to add the sums. We used this as a review before our test :)
I can actually keep a plant alive!

 No seriously...I am so proud of my little basil plants! Now, I know basil is pretty hard to kill but I definitely feel accomplished considering that I am apartment gardening. It's so nice to be able to walk over and just pick off what I want to use and it just grows back! I've begun planting parsley as well and they seem to be doing great. I can't wait for Philip and I to buy our first home so we can start gardening veggies too!
Mini greenhouse is from Ikea :D
Training, Training, Training
Our county is beginning a new reading program that all primary teachers need to be trained on. Although I can appreciate PDs that are helpful and provide me with new ideas for instruction, I hate that it takes me away from my class. It's difficult to leave my class with a sub so often but what can you do....I suppose it's my job.
We are preparing to move! I know I've blogged about our new home search during the summer and now it's all becoming a reality! I am so excited but I feel bad that I'll be at work and Philip is taking off to move our stuff. Luckily we don't (I really mean he doesn't) have too much stuff. I just can't wait to get settled and break out all my seasonal fall decorations!

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October 2, 2013

Even and Odd Numbers

Happy hump day!

Today I am sharing with you what we've been hard at work with in math. It's even and odd numbers! My calendar math is full of math review so my kiddos get to touch base with a lot of the math concepts they'll be working with throughout the year. I've added an even and odd component to my Calendar Math Cards set this year and it's a great tool to engage that prior knowledge!

Soooo....this past week we've been hard at work identifying these even and odd numbers with fun activities. After some discussion and a lovely BrainPopJr video, we dived right in to playing around with these numbers. Thanks to the amazing Mrs. Lemons over at Step Into 2nd Grade, I used her even and odd sort freebie as a review day and the kids really were getting the hang of it!

To go along with our math unit I've created this fun Thanksgiving themed even and odd sort that can be used as a center to reinforce the concepts learned. Be sure to check it out along with all my other products over at my TpT store!

Some great mentor texts for your even and odd unit are:

October 1, 2013

Predicting and a new Reading Workshop Pack!

Man oh man has it been busy over here! Between trying to keep my sanity, get enough rest, fighting of seasonal allergies AND beginning to prep to move I've definitely had my work cut out for me this week. So sorry I've been a little MIA lately but I am excited to share with you all what we have been up to this past week.

Reading Mini-Lesson
This week we have transitioned into learning about predicting within our reading. Now that we are comfortable with identifying the story elements, I am beginning the discussion of using information we find in the text and pictures to help us make 'educated guesses' of what might happen next in the story.

Today I read the story Sylvester and the Magic Pebble, which is about a donkey named Sylvester who loves to collect rocks. One day he happens upon a magic rock  that grants any wish he makes when holding it. It's a great story (even great for story elements review such as problem and solution!) that allows students to use what they know to make a prediction. We discussed how predictions are never really wrong- but we want to make educated predictions based on what is given to us in the story. My kiddos had fun with this one :)

 To assist with this reading unit I've created fun and easy-to-use graphic organizers! I've also included the handouts I've made for story elements and even a fun Story Element foldable that can be glued right into your students' reading notebooks! Along with this pack I've also included 2 publishing pages for your kids' writing prompts: My Summer Vacation and My Teacher's Secret Life.
As a mentor text for the Teacher's Secret Life prompt I used Stephen Krensky's My Teacher's Secret Life. It's about a student who shares what they think the teachers do after all the students leave for the day. It's a cute and funny story that is sure to spark the imaginations of your writers!