September 14, 2013

Saturday Snapshots!

What a blur this week has been! We have already done so much these past 2 weeks and I can say I'm exhaaausted! I don't remember feeling this way last year...but our school is doing block scheduling this year and I'm not really a fan. In theory I believe block scheduling works- but not for 2nd graders (or me for that matter). Our team's specials are all scheduled at the same time so we have an hour to ourselves. Sounds great, huh? Well, the reality is that our specials aren't until the very end of the day, which leaves my kiddos to work, with no real break, until our recess and lunch time. That's 4 hours of straight instruction!! The kids are doing OK but those behavior issues are beginning to pop up but it's simply because they're tired by the end of the day and probably over-saturated! My first bathroom break isn't until lunch! Ugh...but enough of complaining.

Today I am linking up with Run! Mrs. Nelson's Got the Camera! for her weekly Saturday Snapshots linky! I've managed to take a few photo's this past week and here are a couple of them.
At the beginning of the year it is important for me to begin teaching my students proper manners and one of them is good eye contact when greeting someone. I was surprised to also see that parents put social skills and eye contact as goals for the year on my Parent Survey. So, each morning before our meeting, students learn to greet each other by turning their bodies so they're facing each other, have good eye contact and say "good morning, _________". Then they can choose to handshake or high five. They each do this until everyone around the circle has greeted someone. The following week I began introducing new greetings for them and this one in the picture is Walk This Way. Since they've had enough practice with regular greetings, this requires them to pick someone across from them and greet them by doing a funny dance. The other person mimics them and greets. They have so much fun with it!

Here's a great action shot! My kids really get into it and makes greeting people less scary. They've gotten so much better at eye contact! :)

At recess my kids do such a great job at including everyone and it's fun to sit and watch the friendships form. This is a fun picture of one of my girls practicing her shot. She got so excited when she got it in. The little boy was coaching her- it was adorable.

Some not-teacher related photos...
This past weekend I threw Philip a 30th birthday party and it was great to see all of our close friends come out for the occasion. His dad and best friend even surprised him by flying in from Texas to be with him on his birthday! So blessed.

I hope everyone had a wonderful week. I'm looking forward to sharing ideas from our first few units!


  1. Great pictures - thanks for sharing!!!!


  2. Eye contact is so important. I'm trying to stress listening with their whole bodies and ears isn't even one of them. I constantly remind them to listen with their eyes and heart.
    Great pictures this week.


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