September 15, 2013

A Peek at my Week Linky!

Today I am linking up with Mrs. Wills Kindergarten to share with you what my week looks like up ahead. A lot of it is still reviewing the Daily 5 reading centers and we just finished up our citizenship unit in social studies and ordinal numbers in math. Needless to say it's been a quick 2 weeks but so much learning going on!

My week...

Word Study: This will be our first week of our word study groups and students will begin practicing various word study activities while I meet with my groups. My team always gives a sight word pre-test at the beginning of the year and only 1 of my students performed below the standard. This gives me great insight into the words she should be working with this quarter. I will assess students each Friday on their ability to identify the pattern, spell the word correctly, and use similar words with the same pattern in a sentence.
Reading Workshop: We will continue building our reading stamina with 17 minutes. Our class will review the anchor charts from last week regarding the behaviors and expectations for centers (i.e. Work on Writing, Read to Self, etc). I will introduce a new centers this week: Read the Room, Listen to Reading, Word Work, etc.

See my previous post about the past week's mini-lessons on character and setting. We will continue working with these story elements and being able to apply them to new texts. 

Writing Workshop: This week we will continue learning about what gets a capital and using periods to finish our sentences. Mini-lessons will be dedicated to practicing together by fixing mistakes and writing correct sentences. My students have begun writing their first prompt which is about their summer vacations. Their goal is to practice the mini-lesson skill in their own writing. I will also introduce proper paper orientation.


Math: My class just finished a unit on ordinal numbers and now we begin learning the different strategies to add. We will also begin our timed math facts tests. Students practice 50 simple addition and subtraction problems in 5 minutes during quarter 1. We begin discussion of addition strategies with the concept that there are multiple ways to come to the answer.

Social Studies: With citizenship wrapped up, we will begin our unit on communities. The focus at first will be about how populations are divided into 3 different types of communities (urban, suburban, and rural). Throughout the week I will extend the lesson to how communities change over time (difference between the past and present) and introduce the terms population and transportation.

This is a quick snapshot of my week! Be sure to link up and share yours! :)

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