What day is it?!

Oh my goodness! These last few days have been a whirlwind and just now am I able to catch a breath. Thursday was my Back to School Night where I got to meet my parents and go over the procedures and such. I have to say that I have such a wonderful group of parents again this year and it makes me REALLY excited to begin the new school year. I had a few parents not show up, which is a bit frustrating since I consider the time when parents can meet their child's teacher and discuss the year ahead very valuable. I just know these are the parents who will stop me on the first day to ask a bunch of questions! But, I do understand that families are finishing up their summer vacations.

Open House on Friday was another great experience since I got to meet my new kiddos! Again, I am blessed with (what appears to be) a great class ;) A few shy ones but I could see them coming out of their shells a bit towards the end. The scavenger hunt went off without a hitch and the kids loved the lollipops I had for them. I even got..."What?! My teacher didn't give me any candy!"...brownie points won ;) All in all it was a great few days but let me tell you...I am tiiiired.

I hope everyone else is having a wonderful Labor Day weekend and good luck to all my teacher friends who are starting their first week of school next week and to those who are already in the full swing of things!

Looking ahead, I do have some fun things in the works for the first week's plans that I can't wait to share with everyone so be sure to check back with that!


  1. Glad you have so many great parents. That helps so much! I hope you can rest this weekend!

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    1. Yes! It definitely makes a difference...all rested up and feeling good about starting this week! :)


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