Teacher Week '13: Tips & Tricks

I have had so much fun during Teacher Week and getting to share and read about all the things teachers are doing to prepare for the new year. Thanks so much Blog Hoppin' for hosting such an amazing event and of course a HUGE thank you to all the bloggers out there participating and sharing their classrooms with us! :)

Today is all about the teacher tips and tricks! Now, I'm only going into my third year teaching so I'm sure a lot of my tips and tricks are not new to anyone but they've been super helpful to me throughout my busy days in second grade. Again, I apologize for no photos since my classroom is still being unpacked and put together (I'm hoping to have my big reveal next week...it's almost done!) but where I can, I'll place some pins I found that'll help give you an idea of what I do in my classroom.

#1 Dixie Cups
I've posted this trick a while back but for those who are looking to raise your clip chart or writing process posters off the wall for clips to be used on them, I swear by these little guys. Raising these posters off the wall, by hot gluing them, helps students move their clips up and down with no problems!

#2 Hot Glue Gun
If you haven't already...buy a glue gun! I used to use that sticky tack stuff (and still do for some stuff) but the problem was...those darn posters would fall down and I'd have to strain myself putting them back up! Ta-da! Hot glue allows you to hang whatever you want (for the whole year!) without damaging the walls of your classroom.

#3 3M Hooks
Another goodie. I now use these guys to hang my curtains (thank you, Pinterest!). I didn't have curtains last year but it makes such a difference...makes your room so homey :) But, you can seriously use 3M hooks for e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g.

#4 Cover Storage with Fabric!
This is something new I'm doing this year. In our school we have these ugly storage bins that we use to hold materials and I have 2 of them in my classroom. Each year I never really know what to do with them since they don't conveniently fit in any spot. So, this year I'm getting a little more creative and hiding the bins I don't use, or are using for storage for other things, by covering it with fabric and securing it with stick-on velcro. So, my tip would be that if you're looking to hide your storage, then try using fabric!

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  1. This is my third year of teaching too! Thanks for the tip on using hot glue. I will definitely have to put that to use! :)

    Diary of a Second Grade Teacher

    1. So nice to meet another third year teacher! Yeah, hot glue is what works the best...I think I've burned myself many times over the years but its so worth it when that poster finally stays up!


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