Since I will be in my classroom setting up all day I wanted to quickly share an idea that I was inspired by from Mrs. Wilson's Class! She posted about using QR codes as a way to give her parents her contact info...umm...genius! I've seen QR codes out there and teachers using them and so I thought I would join the group of techie teachers and create my own code to share this year!

#1: Make your QR code! Visit this link and add your school's address and phone number as well as your work email. I also included the link to my class website where parents have all kinds of resources available to them.

#2: Download the free Remind101 app to your phone. This little guy allows you to send notifications and reminders via text messages to your parents without having to give them your personal phone number! It's perfect for sending reminders about upcoming events, field trips, deadlines, snow days, etc. 
#3: Create a fun display for your parents at Back to School Night/Open House (the best part!). Attach your newly created QR code and phone number/code (Remind101 provides you with a special number and message code) so that your parents can snap and go with your info!

*Your parents will need the free QR Reader app in order to scan your code. They do not need the Remind101 app to receive your reminder messages

What kind of system do you use for the beginning of the school year?


  1. Such great ideas! I've heard of Remind 101, but I thought it was for iPhones only (maybe it was when I first looked or something). Anyway, I just checked it out and now have it!

    Thanks for the link to the QR code maker.

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    1. That's awesome! Yeah, I saw that various teachers were getting techie on me over the summer so I thought to check it out. My open house is at the end of the month so we'll see if parents actually use it, haha. I'm glad you were able to find this helpful! :)



Thank you for sharing!