August 23, 2013

Show Off Your Space Linky!

Hi there! Wow, I've been super busy in my classroom this past week with setting up my classroom, PD, and preparing for Back to School Night/Open House and I feel like I haven't had much time to connect with all my blogger friends. I am linking up with Swimming into Second and showing off my classroom (yes, again) now that it's all coming together...finally!

So, today I have some organizational things to share with everyone. I'm excited to begin putting into place a lot of the ideas I found from Pinterest!
This year I am using 3M hooks on the side of my computer screens to hold 2 headphones. My classroom has 3 student computers and 1 I'm using as my teacher computer. During centers I'll have students buddy up and these hooks are perfect to keep them organized and neat.

In my library I use a display to feature a particular book or author. It's a cute way to get student's attention and to display our learning focus. 

Here are my dixie cups in action! Love how they bring my posters off the wall. You can pick up my Writing Process Poster set here.

This idea I was the happiest to find and do in my classroom this year. I love the idea of using a magnetic curtain rod to hang anchor charts. Love it!

And after running low on wall space for things I was trying to find where I wanted to display my star students. Instant fix: hot gluing clothespins to the wall! This way I can put their posters up without the hassle of staples or sticky tack.

Please check out my previous post for more pictures of my room. I'll be sure to upload more once I'm ready to show off my Back to School Night setup (OMG it's next week!!). Goodnight!

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  1. These are genius ideas! Thanks so much for linking up and sharing!

    Swimming into Second


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