August 20, 2013

Classroom Reveal 2013

Yay! The time has finally come where I've been able to set most of my classroom up (with the exception of odds and ends)! I've been really looking forward to sharing my room with everyone and I'm happy with how it's turned out.

...on to the tour
 This is a panoramic view of my room standing near the front door. I have my bathroom and cubbies to the far left. On the door I plan to display my classroom jobs.
Finding how I would/could group my tables was the biggest problem I initially had. Last year I didn't have this large carpet so 99% of my instruction was with my students sitting at their desks. I'm really happy our PTO was able to get  me a new carpet because now I can finally teach with the students on the carpet then back at their seats for guided practice. 

This is my library area. Right now their book boxes have the new textbooks and other items that'll eventually be put inside their desks. I have my CAFE board all set and ready to go! I know my bookcase looks bare right now...once the kids come at Open House they'll put their publishing writing binders there.

This year I have my teacher desk tucked away in the corner of my room. I placed one of the desktops on my desk so it's clear which computer is mine (it also displays on the proboard)

Today I was able to start working on my Back to School Night/Open House items such as getting copies ready!

This is my guided reading area. I love the use of lamps and other lighting (I HATE those classroom ceiling lights)...just makes it feel more homey. I also have my writing center in between the guided reading table and my library. My writing process posters are below the pencil poster :)

Well, that's my room for now...there's still a little bit left to do but I'm happy with how (quickly) it has come together. It's definitely one less thing to stress out about and now I can focus on the next step...Back to School Night!


  1. I really like how you grouped your desk. It looks like it help save on some room in your class. I will have to remember this way!


    1. Thanks! I feel like it's much cuter in person than in photos...but it took me forever to figure out how to place my desks. I have 23 students this year so I feel like I tried every possible way...I'm hoping this works out once the kiddos come :)

  2. Your room looks really great! I like how it's clean and clutter-free. Wow, it makes me realize how much I actually have to do. Hope mine comes together as quickly!

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  3. Your room looks amazing. I love how clean and organized it looks.


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