July 23, 2013

Reading Comprehension Response Pack!

Hi folks and happy Tuesday! On a random note really quick....OMG I am so excited about the birth of Prince William and Princess Kate's baby yesterday!! I'm totally one of those obsessed royal fans and I'm just so happy for them...can't wait to see the little guy! :)

Anywho, today I just put the finishing touches on my reading comprehension pack, which combines skills from the DRA and Jan Richardson's reading bible: The Next Step in Guided Reading. If you haven't already read this I definitely recommend it...especially to those who are looking to revamp their guided reading lessons. Our school uses this model and Jan Richardson does such a great job outlining exactly how to execute the lessons!

With that in mind, here is a preview of my literacy packet!

I've included handouts that can be used in centers, as whole group, or to be used with any mini-lesson on a particular topic. I also created a simple How-To printable that I'll have students glue into their response journals. It helps them see how to set up their writing. Also, I've included in this pack reading response cards that can be laminated and sliced to be used in guided reading, whole group, or in centers as well! 

One page that I included that I haven't seen too much out there (so I thought to contribute!) was a readers goal setting page. In my own teaching, this year I want to be better about teaching my kids about setting goals for themselves and to identify their strengths as readers. This way they get in the habit of recognizing the areas they do well in and areas they would like to work on. Also, the DRA asks them to keep a log of books they've finished and books they're reading now...so this little sheet will help them keep track!


Thank you for sharing!