July 22, 2013

Monday Made It!

Hi everyone! So excited because my VistaPrint order came in! So for today's Monday Made It I wanted to share with you all the fun ways I used this lovely site to create items for my classroom. So to begin, I had written a post earlier when I placed my order but didn't really get a chance to show you what the final idea was...

#1 Return Labels: these guys will be used to label my classroom library! I just love the owl print!

#2 Car Magnet: Saw this original idea from Pinterest (couldn't find original owner so if you recognize it please message me!) and thought it was genius to use magnets for all kinds of things. For me, I am using it as a No Name poster.

Teacher Tip: Because I started having a real problem with students forgetting to write their names (I even use the highlighter approach!), I am simply going to start taking money (plastic, of course) if they are repeat offenders.


#3 Business Cards/ Loyalty Cards: This fantastic idea of birthday reward cards came from Emily over at I Love My Classroom and using loyalty cards to incentivize doing homework/tests/behavior, etc. came from Tiffany at The Learning Effect. I'm really excited to try these new guys next year!

What do you like best about VistaPrint in the classroom?


  1. What great ideas for using VistaPrint creations in your classroom. I especially like the loyalty card ideas.
    The Traveling Teacher

  2. Thank you very much! I always keep a look out for those online deals because you can get so much for your classroom! I just love all the creative ideas out there. Have you used VistaPrint before in your classroom?

    Sliding Into Second Grade


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