Living Social + Vistaprint = Amazing!

How's that equation for ya?! I love it when Vistaprint has deals on Groupon and Living Social. So, as you probably have noticed yourself Vistaprint has a deal on Living Social where you pay $10 for $50 worth of customized items for your classroom, gifts, etc. It helps add a little touch of 'you' to your classroom and it's a great deal! As you can see from the picture I saved $64 on my order and look at how much I was able to get!

So, what would you get from there for your classroom? Well, lucky for you there are millions of ideas floating around but here are a couple things I just ordered using my coupon:
Car Magnet: No name magnet that I'll use to stick papers without names. In my classroom if a student forgets to write their names 5 times (I'll keep track) they owe me .10 from their banks. Last year I started having issues towards the end of the year with a lot of students forgetting their names...ugh

Business Cards: I use these all the time and I feel a 'must have' for any classroom! I previously ordered blank ones with a cute owl design so I can write on them however I need them (sight word cards for centers, library bin labels, etc.)

This time I used them for a Birthday Homework Pass. This is so much easier to prepare and I'll probably hole punch the side and stick a birthday pencil or something through it as my gift. Plus each order you get at a min 250!

Loyalty Cards: This is the first time I'm using these types of cards but got great ideas on how to use them from The Learning Effect (who also has amazing VistaPrint ideas!). I plan to use them as incentives for Word Study and my Clip Chart.

I'm going to start with these and see how well they work, then add others as I need them. Pretty much students get 100% 5 times (I initial each time) and redeem the card for a prize from the class store and receive a new card. Hopefully this will keep rewarding students who do well and incentivize those who need a little push. The other use is tied into my clip chart system. For every time a student reaches the top (for me it's Outstanding) or higher they get an initial from me (I don't have cute hole punchers). After 5, they get a reward. Easy peasy.

Return Address Labels: These are another 'must have' for any classroom. These guys can be used for practically anything! I use them to label my books in my classroom library so I know which ones are mine and which ones belong to the school. Again, I'm using the cute owl design :)

How do you use VistaPrint in your classroom?

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