$1 Deals and 'Where We Are' Poster

Just a quickie post that I wanted to share before calling it a night. I went ahead and updated last years 'Where We Are' poster for outside the classroom door. This is an easy way to let others know where your class is throughout the day.

Also: be sure to check out my teacher store over at TpT...there many of my items are only $1-$2!! I know teachers are looking to save as they prepare for the new year. Also, feel free to leave me comments...I love getting feedback! :)

Teacher Tip: Assign this to your line leader. By making it a responsibility for your students, it takes the task off your hands and gives them a little more to do other than just leading the class. Worked like a charm last year...and other students are quick to notice if they forget!

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  1. Looking for this now and having trouble finding it...the link just goes to TPT general site. Help? Thx!


Thank you for sharing!