August 23, 2014

Baby Got Class!

I'm not sure if you've heard of this fun family who did a hilarious video about their 'Christmas Jammies' but I fell in love with them immediately. they are again with their Baby Got Class video for back to school. I don't have kids yet but I can imagine the excitement parents feel once school starts again.

So, for all my teacher friends and families who have kids going back here you go!

August 22, 2014

Five for Friday {Aug 22nd}

What a week and it's Friday again! Be sure to link up your blog with Doodle Bugs Teaching and share your five randoms! Here's mine from this week!!

1. California Dreamin'
Number one this week is our recent news of moving to three weeks! OMG. See my post {here} about the full story, but it came as quite a shock, but a bittersweet one. My husband separated from the Air Force back in April and since then he had difficulty finding a job so you can imagine that after a few months of not working it starts to wear you down. I was also in a position where I was having trouble finding a teaching position anywhere so needless to say the both of us weren't anticipating our sudden unemployment. However, God pulls through and we BOTH get job offers within days of each other...but after a long discussion we concluded that him taking the job in California was the best decision for us. So, we're sad to say goodbye to my family and our dear friends here in the DC area but very excited at the same time for our new adventure.

I feel this way about my own stuff...haha

2. Story Elements Pack!

At the beginning of the year in second grade at my old school we would begin introducing and reviewing key story elements with the kids beginning with characters. After students became familiar with identifying the characters from a story we would then discuss how author's describe their characters using both inside and outside traits. We had a lot of fun using the story Charlie and the Chocolate Factory {all time favorite author AND loved reading every.single.year}. I would venture to say that ALL Roald Dahl stories do a fantastic job of engaging the students meanwhile making those character traits easy to spot.

Anyways, the product I'd like to share today is a pack that I made which includes all the important teaching materials for those story elements: character, setting, problem, solution, important events, and summaries. This pack also includes fun posters for your classroom and key vocabulary from the unit such as 'dialogue'. I also made fun companion handouts that can be used in your own lessons or even for centers.

Even'll be 20% off today only at my TpT shop!!

3. New Puppy Arriving!
Why would timing ever work out perfectly for us?!? It's become a joke at this point that timing for Philip and I haven't been the greatest, especially within the last few months, haha. But I'm SOOOOOOO excited to finally meet our little guy exactly one week from today!! We contacted a breeder before we knew we'd be moving so it'll be quite an interesting journey for us now that we'll have a new puppy joining us on our trek to California. But, nonetheless, we are very excited to become parents to this little fur ball :)

4. Becoming and Auntie {again!}
Some exciting news came from my brother this past week and not only are him and his wife moving back to her home state of Oklahoma BUT they're also expecting! It's still a bit early but I am beyond happy for them! It's crazy when you're siblings start having children themselves....I'm sorry, but my brothers and sisters to me will always be those teenagers in my mind from when I was just the 'annoying baby sister', haha. 

Another exciting thing about us moving too is that my sister, her husband, and my baby nephew also living in California so I'm very much looking forward to seeing them and getting to see my little nephew :)

5. Fogo de Chao
In celebration of my hubs getting his job (and a great one at that!) I wanted to take him out and treat him to a nice dinner where, not to mention, he could get his fill on every type of meat humanly possible (sorry for any vegetarians reading!). He's been before but I had never been myself and what the experience it was! I personally loved the salad bar choices but I can't get past the bacon wrapped filet mignon! Put anything wrapped in bacon in front of me and I'll eat it! It was just a nice evening spent with my love :)

On that note...

Have a wonderful weekend!!

August 21, 2014

As life would have it...

We all know that saying, "God works in mysterious ways...", well, He sure does! As much as I would like to always think that things happen for a reason and that although I may not always know the plan or be prepared for it, I have to be willing to accept that life happens, most of the time when we're not expecting it.

As life would have it, my husband and I are both blessed but of course these blessings sometimes come with decisions that have to be made and faith that everything will work out how it needs to. Just as I was offered a teaching job with Fairfax County Public Schools, commuting only 15 minutes from home, and having the sweetest and most supportive administration husband is offered a job that is too great of an opportunity to turn down. As blessed as we are to both have found work, especially after a difficult summer with both of us leaving our previous jobs (him the Air Force and me my last school), these jobs happen to be on two different coasts. 

Yesterday we got the fantastic news that my husband will be accepting a California. We spent about a week discussing both choices and he, of course being the amazing person he is, told me that he doesn't have to accept it because he knows how excited I was about my new school. I told him that although it would be very hard for me to turn it down it would be even harder for us to miss this opportunity. It's a great job, in a great location, with a great salary and benefits. Unfortunately a teacher's salary doesn't compare. However, it means a lot that he understands the position I'm put in and how this affects me. He's always said that he respects what teachers do a million times more because he knows now what goes into it - seeing me day in and out busting my butt! 

At the end of the day we are both very excited to begin this new adventure- especially the drive across the country. But, in the same breath it'll be something very new for me as I've never lived away from Northern Virginia let alone another state. It's all so new, exciting, scary, and all these other emotions. I know we're going to have a great time and it just adds to our life experiences together.

Like before, I may not be in the classroom this year but I plan to continue blogging and sharing ideas and activities that may benefit those teaching this year :) I also want to say THANK YOU to all of my blogger friends and supporters as you've been so kind since I started this little blog. I look forward to continuing to share my adventures with you all...and like always, keep your eyes and hearts open...ALWAYS as God does indeed work in mysterious ways.

August 19, 2014

Teachers Pay Teachers Sale!

TpT always has fabulous back to school sales and they're doing it again! Due to the success of their BTS sale earlier this month they're hosting yet ANOTHER sale...but it's only during August 20th only! My store will be participating with 20% off my ENTIRE STORE! So, if you didn't get your shopping on the first time you'll have another chance tomorrow!

August 18, 2014

Monday Made It {August 18}

Linking up again this week with 4th Grade Frolics to share out some of the things I've made! Be sure to link up yourself and share out those amazing 'Made It's"!


This week I would like to share my newest punctuation posters! These are a companion to my writing  process posters I made last year. These posters will be new to my classroom this year and I can't wait to put them up! I have to say that I am in love with the clip art from Melonheadz!! In this download I've included editable pages since each grade level uses the different punctuation marks differently...I've used simple definitions but I wanted it to be something any teacher could use.

I'm in the process of finishing up my Story Elements Pack so be sure to check back soon!!

August 15, 2014

New Job!!!

I'm doing quite the happy dance! I had an interview today with Fairfax County Public Schools and I am excited to announce that I've been offered a position! Right now it could be either first or third all depends on the student numbers (we know how that goes). Either way, it's been such a relief to find a teaching position since it's been such a daunting task. My commute will be SO much better and the school/administration is so nice. I can't wait to meet my future team and school staff!

Five for Friday {August 15}

It's Friday again already and that means Doodle Bugs Teaching is hosting their weekly linky! I love linkies because it gives bloggers a chance to share out their favorites from the week- both teaching and non-teaching related. I just love reading what everyone else has going on! Here's my five randoms from the week....

New blog design! I'm sure you've noticed already that the little blog here has gotten a little brighter. I was searching for a design that was light, refreshing, and easy on the eyes. I loved the design I had before but, like anything else, I needed a bit of a change. I had noticed that many of the popular teaching blogs use the same designer and although their blogs look fabulous I didn't want to order something that's been done everyone. Plus I don't have $130-$200 in my budget to pay for a custom blog design. So, I went looking and I found Shiny Magic Design who does cuuuuute blogger designs for only $35. Needless to say, it was so easy to install and I am very happy with my final blog layout! Be sure to check her out the next time you want to spruce up your own blog!

The hubs and I will be new parents!! Not to a baby...not yet...but to the cutest little guy on the planet. We just adopted a mini dachshund puppy and the best part: he's a Texas boy just like my husband, haha :) We don't have a name for him yet but we are leaning towards Murphy and he arrives at the end of the month. I just fell in love with him immediately and I can't wait to meet him! We loved the name Murphy for a few different reasons...first, we are nerds and love the movie Robocop...and second, we met at an irish bar in town called Murphy's Irish Pub. ;)


Ordinal Numbers. This is amongst the first number sense skills that I taught at the beginning of the year. I love introducing this concept whole group and getting the kids up and moving! Here are a couple ways I have used these cards in the past:

1. At the beginning of the year I love having my ordinal number posters displayed at the front of the classroom so that the kids are exposed to those math words all year long. I know this is a horrible picture since it's sooooooo tiny (sorry!) but at least it's some kind of visual.

2. Then as a mini lesson I have the owl cards laid out in a line either on the board or the carpet. I introduce the concept that ordinal numbers tell the position of objects, people, etc. These positions have names and we can write them in two different ways: using words or numbers. I do the first couple owls to model how I am matching the number cards to the position of that particular owl. Then, I do the same for the word cards and reference the wall above the board so students know they can reference that throughout the year. You of course can then encourage students to help you finish identifying the number/word cards to the rest of the owls in line.

3. Another way to use these cards could be 
  1. After you've introduced the concept you give number/word cards to students have them stand in line mixed up. Have them work together (without talking maybe as a challenge???) to figure out how they should order themselves correctly. 
  2. Use the cards and leave spots missing and have students figure out what card needs to be placed where.

4. Lastly, these cards can also be used in centers or small groups to practice or reteach the concept of identifying the ordinal numbers.

Easy peasy!
This week for date night the hubs and I went to go see Guardians of the Galaxy and it was amazing! We loved the story, characters, the humor but also emotion...overall we were very entertained. I know we're a bit behind in the movie department but one of my students gave me a gift certificate for AMC as an end of the year gift so we used those this week. 

A job interview popped up yesterday for a 3rd and 6th grade position! Needless to say, I am very excited about the opportunity and the (hopeful) possibility that I'll get back into the classroom...better late than never, right?! But, the only hangup is that the hubs has a job interview as well next week and if he gets it that means we'll be moving to California. So, as excited as I am about both prospects....if we move I'll, of course, have to decline the teaching job here. sometimes sure does throw you some curveballs. But, nonetheless, I am excited about both opportunities and we shall see what happens!

Be sure to link up yourself with your random fives from the week!!