May 23, 2015

What’s Been Going On And Where Have You Been?!

Happy three-day weekend to everyone and, of course, to all of our military men and women who have served and continue to serve in our U.S. military! My husband was a prior Air Force officer so this holiday is especially important to us and our family.

I have quite a bit to catch up on since this year has brought me so many new experiences, some of which have caught me off guard!

+ First and foremost I wanted to share with everyone that I will be moving up from the preschool back into the elementary school to assist in...drumroll...first grade! I work at a private Christian school, which is made up of a preschool, elementary, and middle school. I have loved my time in preschool and I look forward to beginning this next chapter in first grade.

+ I will begin online classes in the summer to earn my early education credits so that one day I could have my very own preschool classroom! Surprisingly I loved this school year and have learned so much through working with three-year-olds. It was a bit of a shock to go from second grade to working with preschoolers, but I’ve been humbled in this experience and am excited to add to my expertise.

+ I’ve begun Weight Watchers yet again and I’m already in week two and have lost more than 4 lbs! I loved linking up last year with other teacher bloggers and you can find those posts here. However, I haven’t been able to find this linkup now that I’ve started again, so on my lifestyle blog, Primarily Inspired, I’ve started my very own linkup to share in my weight loss journey in hopes that it supports and builds up women who want to join. Feel free to check it out and join me every Saturday for Slim Down Saturday!

+ We’ve bought a new car in preparation for a growing family! No, we’re not pregnant...yet. But, we are planning ahead and it was the right choice for us to begin thinking of the ways that we could benefit from having a new car. So, we traded in my little Mini Coupe for a Lexus Hybrid! Read about my journey with my little Mini and the not-so-difficult decision to trade it in here.

Phew! I know that was a lot but I tried to hit all the major things that have been going on in these last few months! Especially those things that have been keeping me away from the blog for so long! 

I am excited for my future in first grade and sharing those experiences here. I’ve missed blogging so much! I am also tinkering with the idea to give my blog a little facelift so be on the lookout for that!

Thank you SO much to everyone who has followed Sliding Into Second Grade over the years and through this transition from second grade, to preschool and the blog being a little scarce, and now back to first grade. Without you this blog wouldn’t be what it is so I thank each one of you!

May 5, 2015

May Currently

It’s already May and this means we are all in the mad dash to the end of the year. Just. Keep. Swimming. In preschool it’s a busy week with a Cinco de Mayo celebration, a Mother’s Day party, AND a Grandparent’s/Special Friend Day! Lots to do and of course I am writing this from home....but more of that in a minute...

Today I am linking up with Farley over at Oh’ Boy 4th Grade for her monthly Currently!

LISTENING: I am currently listening to our maintenance guy fixing the flooding that seems to be occurring in our apartment lately. We had this same issue happen last week and were hoping it was fixed. So this means I have to take the day off to oversee these shenanigans.

LOVING: Lately I have been very aware of the lessons God has been teaching me and even though they are challenges, I know that through Him I am able to get past them! Trying to keep that positive attitude!

THINKING: For the past couple months the hubs and I have been on the path to starting a family. Unfortunately we suffered a miscarriage at the 5 week mark at the end of March (see post here) but we are excited to keep trying and are optimistic for a future Baby Daniel!

WANTING: There’s a few things I’m wanting but nothing more than a nice iced coffee. Especially after the morning I’ve had. 

NEEDING: I have been putting so much effort and thought into getting my lifestyle blog, Primarily Inspired, up and running that I’ve allowed this one to be pushed to the side. So, with that being said, I am needing to spend more time and give SISG a little more TLC.

SUMMER YES, HOPE, DREAM: This summer should be an exciting one since we are in the midst of planning our trip to Hawaii. We decided sometime ago that we need to make a conscious effort to travel, especially before babies, so we created a jar and put all of the destinations inside. Luckily we chose Hawaii first and I’m happy to say that we’ve saved up to go! 

The other exciting things happening this summer is a trip with friends over to Vegas for a weekend AND I am looking at getting my Early Childhood Education credits and take that first step towards being a certified preschool teacher!

Teacher Appreciation Week and a Super TpT SALE!

It’s that time of year again when the general public acknowledges the hard work and dedication teachers bring to their classrooms on a daily basis, through thick and thin, and with or without generous donations from parents, the school, or even the county.


I’ve always loved this time of year, yes in part because during this week teachers are made to feel very special (i.e. lots of Starbucks and Target gift cards!), but it’s a time when teachers get the spotlight and get the recognition they each deserve during the school year.

As many of you already know, Teachers Pay Teachers is hosting a major Teacher Appreciation Sale and I wanted you all to know that my store will be participating! All of my products will be on sale in addition to the 10% off from the TpT sale!! Just use the promo code: ThankYou at checkout!

Here are my most popular products:

These Think Sheets have been a huge life saver for me both in managing student behavior and my time when communicating behavior to parents. This bundle includes various versions of the Think Sheet for K-6th grade.
See original post.
Download at TpT.
See original post.
Download at TpT.

I had so much fun creating and using these prompts for my writing centers during my Daily 5 reading routine. Simple, yet fun and engaging, prompts are easy to prepare and students fell in love with them! It was exciting to see my kids so eager to write and share their work!
See original post.
Download at TpT.

Another life saver for me has been these parent/teacher conference forms. This download includes forms appropriate for each quarter of the year and allows you to display your students’ work in a clear and concise way for parents. Being this organized impresses parents and helps keep your discussion on point.
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Download at TpT.

Being a history-nerd myself, I have always loved this activity at the beginning of the year with my kids. It’s funny how often they recite the words to the Pledge and yet have very little understanding of it’s meaning. This activity helps break down the vocabulary and give meaning to reciting the Pledge every morning. It’s also perfect activity to begin those citizenship standards at the beginning of the year!
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Download FREEBIE at TpT.

I’m a firm believer that you can never have too many reading resources at your disposal. Here are Daily 5 guided reading/reading workshop resources that will help you get your classroom set up and running at the beginning of the year!
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Download at TpT.

These guided reading forms are the easiest way for me to get organized and on point for all of my guided reading lessons. Each lesson plan is modeled after the Jan Richardson text!
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Download FREEBIE at TpT.

April 20, 2015

My Favorite Initial Necklace + GIVEAWAY!

Happy Monday!

Today I am so excited to share my newest personalized initial necklaces by one of my favorite Etsy shops, Bijoux by Desi F! I’ve always loved the simplicity and beauty of personalized jewelry because their effortlessness, and not to mention, they’re hella cute!

Desi has been my go-to designer for handcrafted jewelry ever since I discovered her last year on Etsy. She makes all of her jewelry herself and is always looking for new delicate and sophisticated pieces to add to her collection. I always look forward to finding something new to order and I can’t say that about too many things!

Here’s a peek at what I received this week!

I love reading her little handwritten notes!

This bar necklace is a new purchase for me and I am so happy with it! I had always wanted something that represented my husband and I and this little piece is perfect for just that.

My very first purchase from Desi was a ‘K’ initial necklace and it met its end last year when we were preparing to move. I had decided to wear it since I was afraid it would get lost in the mix but then Murphy, who was a little puppy at the time, jumped up and snagged the chain and it broke (see my original post about that here and for a fun Kardashian photo that summed up my feelings).

Nonetheless, I am so happy to have finally replaced my necklace! I just love the quality of Desi’s jewelry and will always refer her shop to friends and family.

Be sure to connect with Desi!


I am so excited to host this giveaway featuring Desi’s shop where one lucky winner will receive a FREE initial necklace of their choice! 

Giveaway will run from 4/18 - 4/26

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Hope you have a great week!

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April 1, 2015

New Sponsor and Autism Awareness Bundle!

Everyone please welcome my first sponsored post for Sliding Into Second Grade!! Meet Melanie from Teacher’s Lounge. She offers wonderful teaching resources that aim towards specific demographics that you may find in your classroom.

Today I wanted to share out her Autism Awareness Bundle in which you can find at her TpT store. Melanie was able to put this amazing bundle together by collaborating with a few TpT sellers and will donate 100% of all the proceeds to benefit AUTISM SPEAKS. Isn’t that amazing?!

My cousin’s daughter was diagnosed with Autism and I know thousands of other children and adults benefit from the hard work of Autism Speaks. So, please consider supporting the cause.

See what you can get with this bundle pack:

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